Ruya iOS Review – For your Mind and Soul

Ruya iOS Review – For your Mind and Soul

Ruya for iOS is not you everyday puzzler.

Ruya mobile game is designed with one purpose in mind, to provide you with a calming experience.

The best thing about Ruya is that, it does not push in-app-purchases on you, rather it focuses on what it promises to do, which is to calm your mind.

Does Ruya do successfully in the game? Let’s find out.

Ruya for your mind

Ruya is basically a “matching” puzzler if you can call it that.

You will be playing on different sets of grids where you will be given colored “things” (not sure what to call them), to match.

In Ruya, the game informs you of which matches you should make.

How does it work?

The game basically tells you how it needs you to solve the puzzles.

For example, the game will tell you whether it wants an L shape or a line of three.

You can, however, add “balls” into the grid which lets you take some sort of control on how you want the game to progress.


As this game is designed to provide players with a calming experience, there are no time constraints or time limits.

You can take your time and focus on the puzzle.

Ruya gives you additional shapes which are inside bubbles, and to earn extra moves you need to pop them.

How does it look?

The visuals are so beautiful and relaxing, and you might be impressed by the nice storyline in this cute puzzler which will make you wanting more.

The puzzles are not too complicated and not that hard to figure out. But that is the whole point of Ruya, and the game achieves that pretty well.


Final thoughts

Ruya does a good job at what it is supposed to do, which is to provide users with a calming and meditative experience. Therefore it is not fair to judge this game based on the complexities of the puzzles.

Rather we will look at how it makes you feel.

The graphics are certainly a positive point and soundtrack is also very beautiful.

The gameplay is smooth and has a flow to it. The game is good for anyone who wants to get away from the stresses of life for awhile and calm down the mind.

The best way to explain Ruya would be to say that it is sort of a “relaxing escape”. And in that sense, we can strongly recommend the game to anyone.

Download Ruya for iOS below: