Samsung has been sued again this time by Swiss watch Giant “Swatch”

Samsung has been sued again this time by Swiss watch Giant “Swatch”

South Korean tech giant Samsung has been dragged into court by well-liked Swiss company swatch group for infringing a trademark of the company’s style in one amongst Samsung’s wearable devices. The watchmaker alleged that the South-Korean company traced its style for downloaded smartwatch faces and filed a complaint in a district court within the United States.

In the complaint, swatch said that Samsung’s watch faces “bear identical or nearly identical marks” to the trademark that swatch owns and uses for the watches of its brands like Tissot, Swatch, Omega, Longines.

According to a report in Reuters, the complaint specifically names the smartwatches that have infringed Swatch’s watch styles. swatch has alleged that Samsung’s Gear S3 and Frontier smartwatches have traced its downloadable styles and asked for over $100 million in damages.

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“This unabashed copying of the emblems will have only 1 purpose – to trade off the fame, reputation, and goodwill of the swatch group Companies’ merchandise and marks built painstakingly over decades,” stated swatch group in its complaint. the corporate said that it didn’t offer any license to Samsung for using its logos for the smartwatches. “This may be a blatant, willful and international violation of our logos by Samsung,” a swatch representative declared to Reuters. “The affected brands are valued billions. Our claim for compensation? Triple digits in millions,” he added.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Samsung has been accused of trademark infringement. the corporate had been in legal trouble within the past when firms like Apple and Sony complained regarding Samsung copying their styles or infringing the patents. one amongst the most known cases against Samsung was once Apple won over $1 billion in damages in 2011. The case was closed with each firms settling privately.