‘Sir Questionnaire’ iOS Review | Bringing Old School Back

‘Sir Questionnaire’ iOS Review | Bringing Old School Back

I am a 90’s kid, so I grew up with some of the coolest retro games there ever was. Because of that, I have a soft spot for games that go old school.

So…Obviously, Sir Questionnaire for iOS was right up my alley.

Going through forums I found that Sir Questionnaire had mixed reviews from players. People either loved it or they hated it.

I was one of those people who absolutely loved it, and it is because I am a 90’s kid (Early 90’s, I am old).

Let’s Review the Game

10 minutes into the game you can clearly see where OrangePixel, the developers have drawn inspiration from.

Sir Questionnaire is heavily inspired by games of the 80’s and early 90’s era.

The opening screen itself is designed with a highly pixelated low-resolution artwork style, taking you back in time.


The games starts off with a tutorial where you are greeted by three old men who provides you with a cryptic message.

From there you move on to the first levels of the game, which are very basic.

Initially, all you will have to do is to choose between two options.

I don’t know if it is just a thing from my era, but I am a sucker for games that give the players an option to choose their own story.

The Choices

Walk, attack, grab, open, drink, escape, and search.

These are the simple commands you will have to choose from. What makes it fun is that you don’t know what will happen when you chose an action.

For example, when you drink something, you don’t know beforehand whether it is in good condition or if it is spoiled.

If it is spoiled you will take hit in terms of health, and if it is good, then the opposite.

This carries on to other parts of the game as well, which makes the world of Sir Questionnaire a land of uncertainty.

When the developers explained the game, they said it would be a roguelike, hack ‘n’ slash.

I can confidently say that, that is what was delivered.

To be honest, Sir Questionnaire takes a bit of time to get going, and most people judge the entire game based on the first few levels.

If you do that my friends, you are missing out.

Sir Questionnaire, starts to blossom half-way through and then it is straight up from there.

The Game

Basically, you will be going through a dungeon which is filled with all kinds of nasty monsters. Your job is to kill all these creatures and collect loot on the way.

You also need to take photos for your codex.

I loved taking photos of the monsters I’ve killed as it gave a sense of achievement.

Photographing the dead monsters is an important part of the game, and sometimes you forget as to whether you took the photo.


If you see a camera icon in the bottom left, that means you haven’t.

The inventory management system of Sir Questionnaire is pretty cool. As in it is not easy.

The equipment you collect has a limited number of uses. This will force you to think hard about when you want to equip yourself with the better weapons.

The element of risk and gambling is there and I loved it.

Do you use the shield you just found or do you keep it for later?

You Choose

At the start of every game, you are given the option to choose the quest you want.

Successfully finishing a quest will earn you a good amount of loot which is very useful for the next game.

Replayability is quite high in Sir Questionnaire as the rooms are chosen at random.

Inventory management is key when it comes to being victorious in battles, however, luck plays a very big part as well.

Luck is such a big part of Sir Questionnaire that you actually have it as a stat which you can increase while leveling up.

Finishing the Game

Finishing the game in your first go is incredibly hard as many things need to line up in order for you to be successful on your first go.

OrangePixle have already updated the game to make it even more difficult.

Thank you very much!

To finish a level and move on to the next floor, you need to defeat the monsters, 10 or so of them.

You will not find monsters in every room as sometimes your objective is to collect items.

From thrones to statues to chests. There are skull keys which will lead you to labyrinths where you will find a crown at the end.

TIP: Go sit on a throne when you have a crown in your possession and see what happens 🙂

Final Thoughts

Let me just say that, Sir Questionnaire is not for everyone, and that is perfectly fine. The ones who like this game will absolutely adore it, which I do.

If you like games like Zelda, then you will love Sir Questionnaire. And if you are an old school gamer like me, you will love it even more.

Download Sir Questionnaire for iOS below: