Bite Size Stealth ‘Sneak Ops’ Review | iOS and Android

Bite Size Stealth ‘Sneak Ops’ Review | iOS and Android

Sneak Ops iOS and Android Review.

Stealth games vary in intensity. On one hand, you got the super deep games that punish you for a single second you spend in the light, and then you got the more casual experiences that pretty much let you walk up to a guard and scream your lungs out and somehow get through alive.

Sneak Ops fit somewhere in the middle of those two poles.

It strips back the stealth experience into a pretty interesting mid-core shape leaving the bare bones but keeping plenty of the tension.

Sneak Ops is taut but it has also got the friendliness of an arcade score chaser. Imagine of Nitro made a game about creeping through a futuristic warehouse, and it is pretty close to what you get with Sneak Ops.

The Game

The game split into little sections of scurrying around.

To move you just tap on a square on the slightly gridded levels, and your tiny hero will scuttle there as quickly as their little legs will allow.

However, there are guards and cameras keeping an eye out for you. Their vision represented with the classic stealth cone that sweeps around as you move.

Get spotted and the alarm sounds, and you have got only a few seconds to get to safety.

You can punch some guards to knock them out, but they don’t stay down for long. Cameras have blind spots that you can cover under while they move, then dart out of when they are pointing in the right direction.

It is a familiar but clever system, and new ideas are dropped into it regularly.

There are flashing laser gates that will set off the alarm if you pass through them when they are closed, guards that you can’t punch out, and sections that are filled with poisonous gas that you need to get through really quickly.

And it is all delivered in super short bit size chunks. Every few levels you come across a checkpoint which you can unlock either by watching a video or spending some of the floppy disks you have picking up on your way. Remember floppys?

You never have to track back too far when you are spotted, that means you are always pushing on to get a bit further into the complex.

New stages are unlocked each day, but you can backtrack through the again unlocking them free just by watching an ad.

Final Thoughts

Sneak Ops is generous and give access to this enjoyable and slightly odd experience. The game might not have the narrative depths of other stealth games but it does manage to rack up the tension with its short bursts of play.

Sneak Ops is the perfect game for any stealth fan looking to those phone size gaming breaks that life offers up.

And even if you are really not a fan of hiding in one place for long periods of time watching guards repeat movements, the lean arcade style of this game gives you a great way into the genre.