“Sonic Runner Adventures Review” | Android and iOS

“Sonic Runner Adventures Review” | Android and iOS

After almost two years later the heartbreak that was Sonic Runners, Gameloft came to save the day with Sonic Runner Adventures for Android and iOS.

Sonic Runner released a couple of years ago by SEGA was what everyone wanted, however, fell short of expectations. Mainly due to all free-to-play and marketing tactics which were used within the game.

It was certainly a crying shame.

There was, however, a good in there somewhere but, even SEGA knew it was not going to work, and therefore took the game out of the market.

Gameloft to the rescue

As I mentioned, the first Sonic Runner game had the right structure to it and all the right ideas, however, what was lacking was the execution.

Lucky for all of us Gameloft saw the potential which was there and quickly grabbed the attention. One year later after the SEGA pulled the plug, Gameloft releases Sonic Runner Adventures.

Main things to notice

The first main thing to notice is that there are no in-app purchases in this game whatsoever.

This seems to be something that Gameloft has been focusing on in games as the more and more of their games are following the same pattern.

The reason behind this could be to better the user experience, and I would have to agree that I am not a fan of in-app purchases, so I am all in for Gameloft’s decision.

Ok, so the Game?

So let’s dive into the game. How is it different from the original Sonic Runner? Well, not a lot. The gameplay, the music, the level design, the artwork, they all seem pretty much identical.

There are four zones in Sonic Runner Adventures with multiple levels in each of these zones and a set of three goals you have to achieve in each level.

Some levels will have a timer, where you can roam around till the time runs out, and the other levels will end when you achieve the set goals.

And of course, you may be familiar with the infamous Dr. Eggman, whom you will have to fight off at the end of each level.


Sonic Teams

Sonic Runner Adventures consists of three teams of three, with nine playable characters.

Each of them has their own abilities. However, these abilities are divided into three types.

Speed, flight, and strength. For Example, the main team consists of Knuckles (Strength), Tails (Flight), and of course sonic (speed).

Each of the level in the game is designed to suit a type of character however you are free to choose whoever you want. That is where a bit of strategy comes into play.

The Characters

You will start Sonic Runner Adventures as Sonic, and the other characters will not be available at the beginning.

As you play along, you will be able to purchase speed characters with the rings you collect. The other characters will only be available when reaching certain levels.

These rings which you collect in the game are extremely important and you would want to go back to levels which you have already paid and collected more.

Another important upgrade in the game are “Chaos”, these give you additional bonuses. These rings will also be needed for continues and boosts. Highly needed towards the end of the game.

Are the Levels long enough?

The level is long enough to make you happy, and there are two ways or paths you can take to finish levels; and signature Sonic style, the high road is always more difficult but also more rewarding.

There is an icon in each level which takes you to a bonus level, where you have the opportunity to grab as many rings as you want. These levels are very handy and needed later on in the game.

As in any game, the deeper you go into the game the harder it gets. In Sonic Runner Adventures, the first two zones are not as hard as the last two zones, however achieving your goals and grabbing as many stars as you want is still a challenge.

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 goals you set for each level however you only need to achieve one of them to progress to the next level.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the game is a whole lot of fun. Gameloft has done a commendable job, taking over from SEGA and picking up the pieces.

Sonic Runner Adventures has the same skeleton as SEGA’s Sonic Runners, however, Gameloft’s version has more muscle in it. The game is not perfect by any means but it is a step in the right direction.

For the money you spend on this game, without a doubt you get your monies worth of value in exchange for hours of great fun.

Overall this game can be easily recommended.

Download Sonic Runner Adventures for iOS and Andriod below: