“South Park: Phone Destroyer” | Review for Android and iOS

“South Park: Phone Destroyer” | Review for Android and iOS

We at Mobile Game Hunter are huge fans of South Park Phone Destroyer for Android and iOS.

The series is hilarious, ridiculous, offensive and every other thing which is awesome.

When Stick of Truth released on consoles back in 2014, we were very excited, yet did not have high expectations of the game. But boy! Were we surprised! The game had deep content and great production value.

Fractured But Whole

Last year’s Fractured But Whole, was also a hit amongst critics and players. South Park: Phone Destroyer is the first venture into the mobile platform, and so far looks like another smash hit for the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

The Intro

The developers have done a pretty good job at not making the tutorial too long as the game pulls you into the story from the first minute.

South Park: Phone Destroyer start with the kids playing Cowboys Vs Indians, and it seems like Stan’s side is winning.

Cartman being Cartman is not at all happy with how things are progressing, and turns to a kid and says something very “Cartman-y”. Guess who the new kid is. That’s right, you.

Who is the New Kid?

As the new kid, you will be battling whoever Stan summons. It does not take very long to figure out how to ‘kick someone’s a**’ in this game.

The game has many side scroller aspects to it, however, South Park Phone Destroyer is mainly a card-based strategy game.

In order to finish a stage (in the solo campaign) you need to beat all of Stan’s warriors, and basically, you have to battle your way to the end.

Anyone who is a South Park fans would appreciate all the favorite characters in this game and how much effort, the developers have put into each one of them.


Chaotic Awesomeness

The game will not allow you to finish the entire solo campaign without doing some PvP multiplayer battling.

This is is actually something that you need to do to collect more cards (and you need these cards).

The multiplayer in South Park: Phone Destroyer does not involve a lot of thinking, yet what it is, is a huge amount of frantic fun.

The multiplayer battles are chaotic, ridiculous and just plain fun.


What is it about?

Something that is funny about South Park Phone Destroyer is that game mocks other free-to-play mobile games and strategies used by a lot of these games, however, South Park Phone Destroyer includes a lot of the same features as well.

For example, in order to unlock other card themes, you need to spend a lot of time playing PVP multiplayer and sometimes even replaying stages with a higher difficulty to unlock them.


Everything you would expect from a South Park title

South Park Phone Destroyer is, however, full of twisted humor as you would expect.

The game features lockers which you have to open to collect loot, and the things you find inside are not what you would expect.

The unusual humor is what made the South Park series what is it, and you will find all that in this game.

You will not be disappointed on that front.

The game is not recommended for children, obviously! But something this will constantly do is, bring a smile to your face.

Final Thoughts

South Park: Phone Destroyer, is a well constructed, well thought out mobile game, and for the first on mobile for South Park Studios, this is a smash.

From the voice acting to the graphics to the gameplay elements, there isn’t a lot you can complain about.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is certainly a complete mobile game, and very highly recommended.

Download South Park Phone Destroyer below: