Space Pioneer Review | Space Never Looked So Good On Mobile – Android & iOS

Space Pioneer Review | Space Never Looked So Good On Mobile – Android & iOS

Space Pioneer for Android and iOS is a top-down shooter that has you traveling through space and colonizing hostile galaxies, and it is brilliant.

Space Pioneer is everything you would expect from an action space explorer game.

Traveling from world to world you will be involved in a lot of gunfights, treasure hunts, data extractions, destroying buildings, and everything fun in between.

You will have your main objective as well as your side objectives to complete in Space Pioneer.


The review

I would say Space Pioneer is a mix between Star Wars and Star Trek.

First of all, you are a bounty hunter with a robot companion, and it uses the beaming technology from Star Trek to travel to locations.

How Space Pioneer is structured is, you are given a list of things to do on your assignment, and once you have completed them, more often than not, you are given a related quest.

For example, you might be asked to fuel up the ship, and once it’s done, you will be asked to repair the ship.

There are bonus lists you can complete under the main mission, which can earn you extra coins. you get caught up on completing everything there is as it is just so much fun.

The money you earn is spent on new skills and upgrades. The crystals you collect will be used to repair and upgrade the ship.



Space Pioneer is a fermium title, however, the game gives you plenty of rewards when you complete a mission, and you actually can play the whole game without ever spending a dime.

IAP’s include weapons and gems to help build things, however as I said, you can attain everything you need from the game itself.

There are ads playing though, but these can be turned off with any purchase. So you might be tempted to buy at least something.

You can also get double rewards and free gems if you opt to watch videos. You also get other rewards such as being able to revive your avatar if you die and receive bonus chests.

If you are a patient person and don’t mind waiting a while for a building to finish building or restarting a whole level when you die, you will not feel the need to look at any IAP’s.

Vivid’s promise

According to the developers, every time you play Space Pioneer will have endless missions and objectives for you to complete. This is in addition to having an endless universe and infinite galaxies to play on.


Xeldar, is the main bad guy in the Space Pioneer universe, and it is him that your chasing across the universe. While on your pursuit, you will come across many different planets with a wide range of enemies to battle and terrains to battle on.


The controls

We had absolutely no problems with the controls. Playing on the iPhone X, it did not interfere with its swipe function.

Space Pioneer has a basic control layout where your right thumb has control over function keys, and your left thumb acts as the joystick.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics in Space Pioneer kind of have a retro but modern vibe to it, which is pretty cool.

The boss fights are not too hard but hard enough to keep them interesting.

A tactic that worked well for me was circling continuously in any direction and firing at the boss. This way you will able to avoid attacks and take minimum damage.

Guns, Weapons, Health

You can’t keep firing non-stop with any of the weapons as they overheat, and have a cool down period. This cool down period is crucial as you are left without firepower.

Something similar with the turrets as you have to wait few seconds to build your next one.

The health bar takes some to refill as well, as it counts in seconds. It is best not to wait until the last second to look at your health.



Every time you load up Space Pioneer, it gives you a new mission to embark on. And taking it a step further, every time you open the app, it gives you fun events to take part in which gives you more loot.

Excellent stuff from Vivid Games!

Why should you have Space Pioneer on your phone?

It’s a ridiculous amount of fun, its fast paced, always moving, beautiful graphics, and there is always something new to do. Oh, and it’s free and you can keep it that way for a long time.

I mean, common, what more do you need.

And it has got spaceships, cool weapons and the entire universe to explore.

So what are you waiting for?

Space Pioneer is also completely unproblematic on the iPhone X.


Space Pioneer is completely addictive, and without you knowing, you have spent a good few hours on the game.

Probably not the best idea to play on your break.

The game is so good that it could easily qualify as a console or PC game, but Space Pioneer was made for touch controls and it plays amazingly well on the mobile platform.

Download Space Pioneer for iOS and Android below: