The Exciting Platformer SPIRIT ROOTS Release Date & More!

The Exciting Platformer SPIRIT ROOTS Release Date & More!

Spirit Roots release date for iOS

In September we saw three different trailers for the beautiful platformer Spirit Roots by FredBear and all of them looked extremely polished. While the graphics looked really impressive, it was the premise that really excited us.

The story revolves around a war that took place between the planets of a small star system and its consequences. This war which lasted hundreds of years saw its destructive end leaving only a fraction of each planet remaining.

So, the wise folks of these planets decided to end the war before the entire star system was wiped out. They combined these fractions together to form a single planet with an agreement that kept anyone from entering other fragments.

The plan started to work, and this put-together planet saw an era of peace and harmony for thousands of years until they encountered a new problem. The planet fragments were starting to separate, and the only way to save this planet and to figure what’s really happening was to, in fact, venture into other fragments.

The beautiful cinematic trailer for Spirit Roots below tells that story, followed by a gameplay trailer which was released later. Enjoy.

Spirit Roots was originally queued to be released in October, which obviously did not happen, however, we now have news that the game will get its long-awaited release on January 28th of 2019. Spirit Roots is available for pre-order right now on the App Store.

Yes, seeing ‘2019’ on anything seems so far away, but actually it is just one month away, and we have Christmas to look forward to before that! Wow, can’t believe 2018 is already coming to end. Man, how time flies.

If you are as excited for Spirit Roots as we are, then you should consider pre-ordering the game HERE, and save a dollar on the regular price of $4.99. Also, Spirit Roots will be a fully premium game with ZERO IAP’s. Awesome right?

We are counting the days to get our hands on Spirit Roots when it launches on January 28th, 2019.