Let’s Get Gross with SPITKISS | iOS and Android Review

Let’s Get Gross with SPITKISS | iOS and Android Review

Spitkiss review for iOS and Android

To create a unique platformer for mobile you either come up with a new mechanic or a bizarre concept. Well if you are the developer behind Spitkiss, you take concepts from other genres and squish them into a wonderfully gross game of Saliva Swapping. Yes, you read the right.

What you get is an amazingly weird game about relationships in this day-and-age that manages to say something important without trying too hard,

In fact, you are going take in that spit and enjoy it. Yes, I did just write that.



The game is all about getting a sexy ball of spit from one character to another. You will do this with a slingshot move. You will move the spit from point A to point B and trying to avoid all obstacles in between that the game Spitkiss throws in your way.

Each level is set in its own single screen. You get a full view of what you need to do and where you need to get to, including everything that is trying to stop you from doing that.

The Organ at the bottom of the screen lets you control everything. Drag on the heart, spleen, or lungs, and you will see an aiming arc sprout from your love juice. You even get to play with pee. So kinky.

Take your finger off and off goes the spit. It bounces off some surfaces and sticks to others. Spitkiss is a game of angles.

You are trying to get from one partner to another without your spit disintegrating. Things start off reasonably simple,  but soon the game will test your reactions as well. It is here that Spitkiss really comes to life. Some surfaces will let you slid off of them, then you need to ping off to land on another before you hit some spikes. There are extra jumps to collect as well. Bounce pads to maneuver, and plenty more other cool stuff.

The challenges in Spitkiss are not too big, so even if you get stuck, it is not too hard to figure out what you need to get to in order to keep progressing.


And there is the charm that dribbles through everything that Spitkiss does. It is filled with hilarious situations, the cutest characters, and it tells its story about love without preaching it.

Basically, that is the whole idea of the game, but on top of all that, Spitkiss is just a lot of fun.

Sure you have seen the slingshot mechanic in the likes of Angry Birds, and the ability to freeze mid and take another shot in Golf Zero. But, it all comes together here with a confidence that is going to fill your heart with glee.

Final Thoughts

Even though it is tough, and let’s be honest, a bit disgusting, the unique art and clever level design will keep you going.

Putting all that aside, Spitkiss a fantastic platformer. It successfully manages to portray the world we live in and its own world in a really interesting way.


Download Spitkiss for iOS and Android below: