Star Trek: Fleet Command review for Android & iOS

Star Trek: Fleet Command review for Android & iOS

Star Trek: Fleet Command Android and iOS review

Even with all the efforts by Hollywood in recent years to blow up Star Trek, the franchise still lives in the shadow of its rival space fantasy saga, Star Wars. 

It is not just in the movies, but also in the gaming world where Star Wars games are dominating, and I’m struggling to come up with even a title of a Star Trek game. 

EA’s Galaxy of Heroes is one of the top-grossing games on mobile while the highest grossing Star Trek game Disruptor Beams ‘Timelines’ is struggling to break into the top 200 charts. 

All that might change with the release of Star Trek: Fleet Command by Scopely. It might not have the popularity appeal of Star Wars games but it does some pretty awesome stuff with its gameplay.

Star Trek: Fleet Command

Yes, Star Trek: Fleet Command is a 4X mobile strategy game but it is certainly not like other 4X games; over complicated and over monetized, such as Kings of Avalon. 

One area where the game is different to other 4X games is in its monetization. Normally you would find resource bundles reaching prices as far as $99.99.  With Star Trek: Fleet Command these are priced at $5. 

The game pays a lot of attention to its role-playing element which adds to the charm of it all. Progression within the game is mission-based which makes it very flexible. 

The best thing about Star Trek: Fleet Command is its RPG element, and whether you are a fan of the franchise or not, that is what’s going to draw you in.

The game does the smart thing and takes its cues from the recent movies. You will get to collect and upgrade the like of Sulu, McCoy, Uhura, Spock, Scotty, Kirk etc… You can have up to three ships running at any point and you can use these characters to power them up. 

What this means is that you have always got something to do in 
Star Trek: Fleet Command. And while you wait around for your reaserch to finish up or your buildings to get built, you can wonder around the galaxy and complete other missions.

 The most impressive thing about Star Trek: Fleet Command is how it places you within its vast universe. 

The game sees you start off in a small base camp and as you gather up resources and build bigger and better ships, the game starts opening little by little as you get progress. 

In the beginning, this might be a bit overwhelming as sometimes you will find yourself in situations that are bigger than you, facing enemies more powerful than you. 

Soon you will start interacting with the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and other entities which will again make you realize the sheer magnitude of the universe and how little you are.  

Final Thoughts

Star Trek: Fleet Command loves rewarding you. Even the smallest accomplishment is handsomely rewarded. This makes the whole experience feel a lot welcoming and it makes you keep playing. 

We cannot really say how this game will fair in the coming weeks or even months, but what we know for sure is that Scopely laid a fantastic foundation for a deep and enthralling experience. 

Star Trek: Fleet Command is a winner in our book.  Get it for now Android and iOS