‘STAR TREK TREXELS  2’ REVIEW for iOS and Android

‘STAR TREK TREXELS 2’ REVIEW for iOS and Android

Star Trek Trexels 2 for iOS and Android

Star Trek has always been fond of a convenient time travel plot device. With this in mind, we reckon fans will be pleased at the prospect of the entire Star Trek universe converging in Star Trek Trexels 2.

Even if it is taking command of SS Botany Bay before sending lieutenant Ahura and Jadzia Dax on an Away mission.

Unfortunately, those same fans might not be impressed with the rest of the game.


Star Trek Trexels 2

It has been about 5 years since the original Star Trek Trexels appeared. While this new game looks a whole lot sharper, moving on from the 8-bit style of the original to something closer to the 16-bit era, it continues to be a bit of a play.

Even though we say play, there isn’t a lot of actual play going on here.

In Star Trek Trexels 2 you tap to build new departments in your starship, which involves waiting for a timer to expire or paying currency.

You tap to train crew members in these rooms which involves a timer to expire or paying currency.

You tap to send probes ahead of you to check out planetary systems and/or open up new missions until you run out of probes, which again you wait for a timer to expire or paying currency.

(I’m just copy-pasting now)


The only real Sci-Fi bones Star Trek Trexels 2 comes about from these away missions themselves.  Which plays out like a bite-sized team-based strategy game. Even then though it’s hardly mind-blowing.

The away missions usually involve two of your crew creeping through tiny environments collecting currencies, flipping switches under the laughing guys of engineering or science, and engaging in battles.

These battles are incredibly basic with an accommodating Borg taking turns to shoot one and other. There is no strategic nuance to them what so ever.

And before long you will find yourself out-gunned and losing a crew member, then you will have to play some of the di-lithium currency to revive them.


Final Thoughts

Star Trek Trexels 2 is just one big ball of wait timers and non-too subtle incentives to spend your money. And the problem is there is precious little actual substance here that you will want to spend real money on.

The best part of Star Trek Trexels 2 is its presentation and the glimpses of genuine affection to the source material that occasionally shine through.

When you encounter a familiar face and add them to your crew, anyone with just a hint of love for the Star Trek universe whatever the era, is bound to crack a smile.

It is just a shame that underneath that charm, Star Trek Trexels 2 is a cynical and money obsessed nasty little creature.


Download Star Trek Trexels 2 for iOS and Android below: