The super cute SUPER CAT TALES 2 Review for iOS & Android

The super cute SUPER CAT TALES 2 Review for iOS & Android

Super Cat Tales 2 iOS and Android review.

If it is not broke, then don’t fix it. Developer Neutronized understands this very well.  They understand why the first game had so many fans and why they would want to come back for a second bite at the cat-based jumping cherry.

Super Cat Tales the sequel 

So, from the get-go, Super Cat Tales 2 drops you into a familiar place. Within seconds you realize that the world in the first game is now plunged into mortal peril, but more importantly, the cats are still chunky and cute, the levels designs still have that beautiful retro feel, and the adventures you are having are all about choosing the right cat for the job.

The controls in Super Cat Tales 2 are simple.

Press on either side of the screen to move left or right, double tap and hold and you will start sprinting, run to the edge of a vertical drop and you will leap off it, smash into some blocks while running and they will disintegrate if you have got the right cat.

The more cats you have, the more option you have to explore. The second cat you pick in Super Cat Tales 2 is capable of charging into enemies and killing them, giving you an offensive option.

The next cat you get can swim in strong currents to get you to previously inaccessible areas. This works because it forces you to think strategically and keep mixing things up.  You can’t just play as one cat for the entire game.

You need to experiment with the options you are given in Super Cat Tales 2 if you want to move forward. For example, certain levels are locked behind bells which are hidden throughout the game. Some of the bells you missed will be a result of not having the right cat when you first try the level.

Which is why you need to return to previous levels with a new cute feline and grab the bells which were previously inaccessible.

You have still got free reign to tackle Super Cat Tales 2 your own way. Yes, there are sections of the game where you need to use a specific cat but a bunch of it can be played however you want.

Though it might seem like a grind to revisit old levels, it always feels like you are going in the right direction.

The game blends the comforting knowledge that you are progressing, with a desire to see everything that Super Cat Tales 2 has to offer. As far as the problems are concerned, the boss battles are not the most exciting.

They are either too brief or too difficult, and they tend to do little more than break the flow of the game. Then there is the simple fact that some of the secrets are a little bit too well hidden.

Sometimes trying to figure out where that last bell is can be kind of annoying. Also, the need to constantly switch between cats make Super Cat Tales 2 feel a bit stop-start when it should be smooth platforming.

Final Thoughts

However, there is enough great stuff going on elsewhere that you will soon forget about these difficulties. It is a good combo of old and new, neither too retro nor too modern.

Fans of the original would lap it up. And if you are looking for a new, intelligent, well-designed platformer to add to your home screen, you can do a lot worse than giving Super Cat Tales 2 a go.


Download Super Cat Tales 2 for iOS and Android below: