Super Fancy Pants Adventure Review for iOS and Android [Soon]

Super Fancy Pants Adventure Review for iOS and Android [Soon]

Mr. Fancy Pants, the Hero of Super Fancy Pants Adventure for iOS and Android [soon], first made his debut on a flash game produced by Newgrounds.

Newgrounds is where most of us went to on the internet to play really good flash games, and they have tons of flash games by now.

Among all of the games, Fancy pants proved to be one the most popular, due to its brilliant in-game physics and, the super awesome main character.

So, naturally, the developers focused on expanding the Fancy Pants universe by adding new characters and worlds, for us to play around with.

Thank you Chillingo

It was Chillingo that took over the job of bringing Mr. Fancy Pants into the mobile screen.

The game was made available for both Android and iOS. There was news surrounding a New Fancy Pants game but, the news quickly fizzled out.

I doubt anyone was expecting the new game to come out this quickly but, here it is! Super Fancy Pants Adventure is now available for iOS devices on the App Store, soon on Android.


Let’s Get Fancy

If you are unfamiliar with Fancy Pants games, they are basically on the same playing field as the Sonic Hedgehog games.

These are extremely fluid runner type games, and well I would argue that Fancy Pants is a better-made game than the Sonic games, and physics are a lot better as well.

The first Fancy pants did not have a lot in it that you could do, it was basically just run-hop-run.

Improving Mr. Fancy Pants

Later the developers kept on adding stuff like the pencil weapons, and a bunch of whole new cool skills.

The idea of the game is pretty simple, you keep running till you reach the end of each level, along the way you will have to jump over and avoid obstacles, kick some bad guys in the face, collect the items the game wants you to collect, and get to the end point without losing all your lives.

Oh! And not to forget snail golf!


Why is it “Super”?

What’s different about Super Fancy Pants Adventure?

Well, the game is a lot bigger than its predecessor. The game has 50 levels to complete, you get a pen instead of the pencil and some new moves which are all very cool.

Collecting “Dreamcasts” is very important as you can use them to upgrade skills and even extend the life bar.

Dreamcasts give you energy as well, which in most cases is a life saver.

The New Weapon

A big new element in Super Fancy Pants Adventure is the Pen.

The pen provides you with a bunch of new cool abilities which you will be using a lot through the game.

For example, you can use the pen to surf along the paper, be warned though, this skill is not easy and will take you some time to master it.

You will also get the ability to shoot ink after you beat your first boss.

This is a very handy skill to attack bad guys, it also will be used to create platforms in some levels.

A Complete Game

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is packed full of content, and among all that is a ton of bonus stages.

These stages are important to collect additional skills and collectibles.

You can easily bank on getting few hours of total fun out of this game.

With everything that is packed into this game, you still feel like you want more; that’s how awesome this game is.

Better be good with virtual controls

The controls on the screen can get very busy, in that the buttons are all mapped out on the screen.

What this means is that you need to be very precise about where your fingers are placed on the screen.

When things on screen get a little busy, you might press the wrong button or press no button, and that can get annoying, but I’m just really nit-picking here.

With a little practice, even this won’t be a big problem. However, if you got one of those MFi controllers, well, then you are sorted!


Final Thoughts

Super Fancy Pants Adventure, is a well-rounded game.

From the graphics to the physics, to its uniquely brilliant gameplay that seems to be getting better and better with each new addition, Fancy Pants is a pretty solid title.

This is one of those games that will make you happy, and that is a guarantee.

So, if you haven’t tried any Fancy Pants titles before, this a really good place to start.

Download Super Fancy Pants Adventure below: