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Are these games better than PUBG?

Are these games better than PUBG?

Rules of Survival

Are these games better than PUBG?

Rules of Survival or (RoS) is a free-to-play,multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by NetEase Games. It claims to own over 150 million players registered worldwide. during this game, you drop on a large 8 x 8-kilometre island with 120 different players and need to be the last man standing because the zone pushes you to a middle. The controls are quite easy and therefore the experience is pretty smooth worldwide thanks to the presence of 3 totally different servers across Asia, America and Europe.


Are these games better than PUBG?

Fortnite continues to be one amongst the most well-liked – and hotly-discussed – video games for tweens and up. As just like PUBG, Fortnite allows players the freedom to make structures, fly, drive vehicles and even build/destroy objects and buildings. In Fortnite, players collaborate to survive in open-world surroundings, by battling different characters who are controlled either by the game itself or by different players. Violence is cartoonish, however, some characters and scenes would possibly disturb younger players.

CrossFire: Legends

Crossfire: Legends is the official mobile game of CF, currently over 600 million CF players all over the globe will relieve the ultimate gunfight action they had from PC-on mobile. The Battle Royale mode is also available for world users. not like PUBG that focuses on the battle royale nature of the game, CrossFire: Legends brings with it multiple modes like team Deathmatch and Mutant mode to face out from the crowd.

Knives Out

Are these games better than PUBG?

Knives Out may be a battle royale game very like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. as per a report from analytics firm sensor tower, Knives Out has generated a lot of revenue on humanoid and iOS than either Epic Games’ or Tencent’s offerings. The report states that Knives Out developer NetEase has earned $465 million worldwide vs Fortnite’s $455 million. during this game, 100 players are scattered throughout the large battlefield. Explore the map, collect your favourite weapons, aim, and pull the trigger.

Black Survival

Are these games better than PUBG?

Black Survival may be a fast-paced action title, where you choose an anime character and are dropped on an island with twenty two totally different areas as well as hospital, beach, forest among others. Black Survival is a real-time Survival Game, where you need to survive by any means out of ten competitors in a deserted island. make split-second choices with just a click! Immerse yourself within the fierce battle for being alive you do not have a second to spare! Just Search, Attack, and Run!

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