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Best Typography App for Android and iOS in 2018

Best Typography App for Android and iOS in 2018

Best Typography App for Android and iOS in 2018

in case you need to give your interface a satisfied and blissful mood and make it look visually attractive, then you definitely have come to the right place. yes, you guessed it correctly, here we’re about to inform you why typography is crucial in today’s world and how you could make your textual content appearance more aesthetic.

Best Typography App for Android and iOS in 2018

So, first thing first, why is typography taken into consideration as an artwork? Or why it has to be considered crucial in today’s generation? beginning with the basics; typography is essentially known as the artwork or a method of styling printed or typed matter on pictures that allows you to make it look stunning. It provides a touch of feel and professional touch to the textual content.

Special news for Apple users –

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Now, why is it crucial?

Giving importance to typography is a must because: mainly, The textual content on pictures is an eye-catcher and attracts readers. The font provides value for your textual content and enables readers to understand information from the textual content. the best choice of color, font and text size can prove to be critical for attracting your audience. Secondly, it depicts professionalism. the best addition of typography in a design project reflects excellent professionalism. suitable use of text font and length on any picture gains the trust of the reader. finally, it conveys a great mood or feeling.

So without any further explanation ado, right here we have the high-quality app which can be used to feature a lot of aesthetic value for your content material.

this app is one of the most famous software available which gives 120+ and fashionable fonts to make your text and content much more attractive and defined. in case you think that those aren’t enough for then you definitely move ahead and download fonts one by one separately. No stopping. furthermore, these fonts are also completely customizable, and you may simply change their colour, transparency, size, and add shadows. It additionally has basic image enhancing capabilities like filters, frames, shapes, brightness adjustment, and 400+ stickers. It additionally has a share button which makes it an entire lot less complicated to share your images over social media.