Teen Titans GO! Figure Gets A New Trailer And A Whole Lot More!

Teen Titans GO! Figure Gets A New Trailer And A Whole Lot More!

Teeny Titans was one of the best games that came out in 2016, developed by Cartoon Network and Grumpyface studios.

Ever since then, we (I) have been waiting eagerly to get my hands on the sequel, and I am sure a lot of people were the same way.

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After a long wait, we finally have Teen Titans GO! Figure For iOS and Andriod, though a release date is not announced.

Back in April this year, Cartoon network released a teaser trailer, showing off some of the new features of Teen Titans GO Figure!

One of the main things was the ability to play all five Teen Titans, which a lot of fans would appreciate. Players will also have the option to paint the figures in a number of cool different ways.

The developers have launched a very cool new trailer for Teen Titans GO Figure! which shows off more new features, and more of the game.


The big announcement is that owners of the first game will be getting some bonuses, and we love that.

So this is what you will get;

A new ‘Hooded Hood Figure’ will be unlocked.

Also a mystery surprise figure for the ones who actually beat the first game, Teeny Titans

We’re excited!


Teeny Titans

Alright, here is a little summary of what Teeny Titans is for those of you who didn’t play the first game (You should right now).

If you are familiar with figure collecting in Pokemon, then that is kind of what Teeny Titans was about.

It was hilarious, and it loved making fun of the plastic toy battling trend.

Aaaaaand, that is why it was called “Teeny Titans” because the game was about battling Titan action figures you have in your possession.

All the main superheroes and villains of the DC universe were included in the game.

The game itself played out really well, but what took center stage was its humor, as I found myself laughing uncontrollably several times.


How to find these actions figures?

Head on over to a toy store of course!

A big part of the fun in Teeny Titans was going to store and finding action figures. You need to be a little cunning here to get the rare ones.

Teen Titans GO Figure! is bringing the same feature back, which is great!


The new Teen Titans movie

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies is scheduled to release on July 27th, and the games’ story will be heavily influenced by the movie.

Here is the premise of the game:

“Someone’s trying to put the Teeny Titans Figure Company out of business and all signs point to… the Justice League?! Play as Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire or Beast Boy as you battle and search for clues to solve this mystery. Journey beyond Jump City to visit Gotham City and explore Wayne Manor, the Batcave, and Arkham Asylum! Travel on to scenic Metropolis, where you can enter the Hall of Justice and even reach the orbiting Justice League Watchtower!”

I don’t know about you guys but I honestly cannot wait to get my hand on Teen Titans GO Figure!

I am actually so excited that I am going to play Teeny Titans again after writing this.

Seems like Teen Titans GO! Figure will have new locations and that is great. However, a release date for the game is not announced yet, so we will keep an eye out for that.

The movie is coming in July so obviously, the game will be released before that.

Again, if you have not tried the first game Teeny Titans – Teen Titans Go!, I really really really suggest you do. It’s awesome. Get it below.