Tekken for IOS Released Worldwide!

Tekken for IOS Released Worldwide!

Last year we saw a soft launch for the iOS platform and then earlier this year Tekken for iOS was released in few demographics/regions.

The developers’ Bandai Namco has decided to launch the game a couple of days ahead of schedule. Guess they couldn’t wait any longer, and we are not complaining.


The biggest talking point of the Tekken mobile game was the ‘swipe-fight’ combat style which was chosen over the traditional ‘button-smashing’ virtual button approach.

It’s not that the ‘swipe-fight’ combat style is not good; it’s just that it kind of takes away what we love about the console version of Tekken.

Games like Injustice and Marvel contest of champions have opted for the same ‘swipe-fight’ style and they have been successful, therefore there is no reason why the same could not work for Tekken on mobile.

The Waza card system

How Tekken for mobile differentiates itself from other ‘swipe-fight’ fighters is with its ‘Waza Card’ system, where the player will need to collect these special ‘move cards’ which can later be used to upgrade and then equip the characters to use during battle.

This enables the players to customize the special moves for each character and come up with unique fighting styles, including creating really cool combo moves. This we believe is a great value addition to the game.

Don’t go looking for something familiar

The key point to remember is that Tekken mobile version is not a traditional fighter, and if you are looking for the same feel you get from the console version, you might be a little disappointed.

However, the game is FREE and if you are familiar with the ‘swipe-fight’ style of combat, this is probably one of the best available right now.

The gameplay is really fluid and smooth and the card system adds great value and makes it stand out from the rest in the same category.

Sine this game gives you the option to collect cards and characters, this is the kind of game you will find yourself playing for a very long time.

Introducing Rodeo

As announced by the developers’ mobile version of Tekken features a brand new character which has been to the Tekken Universe, who goes by the name of Rodeo, and is available for all regions for free.

Below is an introductory video released by Bandai Namco as promotional material. Even though this is not the Tekken we are used to, it is still a pretty kick-ass swipe fighter. And since it is in fact ‘free’, there is no harm in checking it out.

You might even end up loving it.