TESLAGRAD Coming Soon to iOS and Android

TESLAGRAD Coming Soon to iOS and Android

Teslagrad coming to iOS and Android

Teslagrad is a game that is being mentioned a lot in the mobile gaming scene recently. This game was first launched on PC way back in 2013, then moved on to the Wii U, and then to the Play Station platforms.

Teslagrad is actually one of the first indie titles to get a large-scale physical release. ‘Rain Games’ are the guys responsible for this game who did a great job bringing Teslagrad to all major platforms.

Teslagrad is popular for being a unique 2D platformer with very interesting mechanics, and thanks to developers’ Playdigious, the game is getting its much awaited mobile release.

Check out the Teslagrad trailer for iOS and Android below:

If you have played Teslagrad before, you would know that the game makes great use of electromagnetism for its puzzles. The game also features a unique art-style and a story which drags you in.

The iOS and Android port would work well for this game I would imagine.

If you like the look of Teslagrad, you can pre-register for Android version HERE. For iOS you can pre-order Teslagrad HERE, for a 30% discount on the price ($4.99), or you can visit the official website.

Come to think of it, I can only think of Minecraft as another game which has been released on every single platform. Huh…