The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands Review for iOS

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands Review for iOS

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands for iOS is a very smart game.

I know it is not a very original thing to say, and that you have heard the same about a lot of other games before, and we have said the same about many games before as well.

However, I could not think of any other way to start off this review other than to say that, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is indeed a very unique game.

Straight to the point

We all know how developers love to make very detailed tutorials and bore people to death before letting them get into the game.

There are exceptions though, like our highest rated game so far of 2018, The Room Old Sins, where the tutorial, and basically the rest of the game was almost perfect.


We all love a good strategy game, and most of the games in this genre out there right now are, either unintelligent, confusing or boring.

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands for iOS is neither of those things. The game is basically about a seller, for whom you need to make his choices for.

Obviously, these choices have either positive or negative impacts on the progression of the story.


The basics

As in any of these games, you will start by gathering raw materials and making structures.

You are all by yourself at the beginning of the game, and by making these structures, you attract people to come and live and work for you in your village.

Soon you will be building a big community.

Taking care of the community

Your job is to manage the well being of your community. The main task you will need to balance is the gathering of supplies, exploration, and protection.

The daytime will be focused on working; building structures and gathering supplies. Night time is more about the strength of the community you have built.

The designs of the game is something that is familiar yet extremely special.


What you need to do

The main objective of The Bonfire Forsaken Lands is construction and survival.

You will be more tempted at the beginning to focus on defense and protection, however, you will notice that you also need to equip your people with the right tools to be more effective at their jobs.

Also, you need to feed them, so that the people are satisfied and their emotional levels are high. This intern will give you better results. Just like in real life, you have to give, to get 🙂


The story revolves around how well you can create a community to fight the evils you come across in the game. That is how you progress and ultimately beat the game.


The Bonfire Forsaken Lands features two types of difficulty modes.

The normal mode and then the hardcore mode. The difference between the two is that, if you die in the normal mode, you get to restart on the same day.

If you die in hardcore mode, well you’ll have to start the entire game over.

I wouldn’t suggest you start off with the hardcore mode, no matter how brave you are. First, try to beat the game in normal difficulty, then move on to hardcore. This element I believe adds a replay value to The Bonfire Forsaken Lands, which is what you want from a premium game.

What works

An important aspect of the game is gathering material. These materials can be used to construct buildings. Once this is done, you can create new jobs.

These jobs will open up avenues for new material, and the cycle repeats itself. This means that you will never feel stuck in the game, as there will always be new things to do and explore.

What The Bonfire Forsaken Lands for iOS has done really well is that none of these jobs feel unneeded or useless.

Also, you will never have to use all your human resources to staff any one of these projects.

This would mean that you will always have people at your disposal to venture into other areas.

Better than a classic

If you are familiar with the iOS classic, A Dark Room, you will find some similarities with The Bonfire Forsaken Lands in terms of, the structure of the game and in the way you need to develop the society.

And that is a really good thing. If you have not tried A Dark Room, we strongly suggest you do as it is a timeless game.

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands though does a better job at making you feel more connected to the elements of the game.

Which we found to be really impressive.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons to pick up The Bonfire Forsaken Lands for iOS. The story and the way the story is told, the graphics and the artwork, the mood it puts you in when playing the game.

All these things make for a fantastic game.

If you are a fan of strategy and community building type of games, this is really something you cannot miss out on.

Download The Bonfire Forsaken Lands for iOS below.