The Unique | ‘THE COMPANY GAME’ Review for iOS

The Unique | ‘THE COMPANY GAME’ Review for iOS

The Company Game iOS review.

The thing about reviewing games is that you want to make sure you give all the information that the reader is looking for, but on the other hand you don’t want to give too much away and ruin the experience for the user.

Especially when a certain game is all about the mystery, like The Company Game. With that in mind, let’s get on with this review.


The Company Game

Are you familiar with games that let you use your phone as a window into another computer? Or games that let you use your phone as a portable terminal, and lets you interact with it as it were a real computer?

There have been many great games in the past that lets you do this, and The Company Game sits among them comfortably.

I would go far as to say that The Company Game is actually better than all these games, asking players to solve puzzle after puzzle using their phones.

I understand if you are confused, and I am being very vague on purpose as I do not want to give anything away.

Speaking of puzzles, The Company Game has got some insane puzzles. I found myself sometimes spending almost an hour solving some. But the best part is that it is entertaining, and you don’t feel the time go by.

Also, The Company Game makes it hard to put your phone down.


The story in The Company Game revolves around the ‘Company’ (surprise). You will spend your time figuring out whether this company is good or bad based information you gather from hacking systems (Solving puzzles) using the information leaked to you by your informant.

You will never come across puzzles that are similar to each other. Which means that it is more than likely that you will get stuck on certain puzzles unless you are some kind of a genius.

However, as I mentioned earlier The Company Game is very entertaining and even though you feel like throwing your phone into a river sometimes, you will probably still want to figure out the solution.

And finding the solution after persevering for a long time feels extra special.


The Company Game uses your phone in delightful and complicated ways to solve puzzles, and other times it just acts as a touchscreen.

Why I bring this up is because there are moments where you will get stuck and that is a guarantee, and in these moments it is so easy to overcomplicate things.

You might spend a lot of time figuring out the fanciest way to get around a problem when really all you have to do is tap on the screen.

This is not necessarily a negative thing however it is not a positive thing either.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to making puzzle games it is easy to make another ‘match three’ game or something along those lines. Going even a little out-of-the-box can be risky, and The Company Game is certainly out-of-the-box.

Playing The Company Game, at times it made me wonder whether the puzzles were a little too out there, or whether the game was too smart for its own good.

This game will not be for everyone, that is for sure. 

In saying that, at the heart of it The Company Game is, in fact, a GOOD puzzle game, and if you are looking for a puzzler that is different to anything else you have played then you should give The Company Game a go.


Download The Company Game for iOS below: