The Incredible, Oddmar iOS Review

The Incredible, Oddmar iOS Review

Premium games on iOS do not get better than this. Oddmar for iOS is what every mobile game dreams to be, and if you call yourself a mobile gamer, Oddmar, is without a doubt THE game you should have on your mobile phone right now.

Believe me, when I say this, Oddmar is easily one-of-the best looking games in the history of mobile games.

The game is an action-platformer with just a ridiculous amount of fun. Oddmar is something that anyone with a mobile phone should experience, period.

What is it about?

You will be playing a selfish oaf, who is sort of forced into duty after his entire village suddenly disappears. The forest creatures grant him mystical powers to help him on his quest, but in exchange, he must protect the forest from evil creatures.

The final objective is to destroy all evil in your way and become worthy to enter into Valhalla.

Senri and Oddmar

Senri, the developer is Oddmar was previously known for the beautiful game Leo’s Fortune. However, after playing Oddmar, LF seems like a tech-demo, which is incredible.


The graphics are just amazing, and even though there is so much going on, on screen, because of how beautifully the game is designed, it never feels too crowded.

Oddmar, the main antagonist in the game has so many different moves, and every single one of them is beautifully crafted and the movement is superfluid.

We are just going to go ahead and say that this is the BEST 2D platformer ever put on mobile.

Other game developers can seriously learn so much from this magnificent game, and even the cut scenes are absolutely gorgeous. Senri really went all out with this one.

Better with touch

We usually always say that mobile games play better with a gamepad. However, this time I am so glad to say that Oddmar is actually better with the touch controls.

It is not easy to explain, but Oddmar moves with your finger, and it is a joy just move around the game. You don’t get that with a gamepad.


So for this one, it is definitely touch controls all the way.

This also a testament to how much Senri have focused on the mobile experience.

Not just pretty on the outside

Oddmar doesn’t just look good, it plays amazing. It actually plays better than it looks! And that is the ultimate compliment.

The platform designs are so impressive and a lot of fun to move around in. The wall-jumping challenges are especially fun.

Enemies serve two purposes, firstly it’s something to defeat, obliviously. Second, you have to use the enemy as a ladder, but killing the enemy kills the body, so you need to be careful when you attack the head.


Boss fights are not just about bashing the enemy as much as possible. The platform plays a huge part in how you would approach the fight. You need to use the platform to find the best ways to hit the enemy.

And that makes everything a whole lot more interesting.

Coin collecting

This aspect has been incorporated really well into the game. Bouncing off enemies to collect coins is both funny and challenging.

The game is also designed in a way where it feels like the end of the world when you miss a coin.

There are also levels for those of you who like finishing levels as quickly as possible. These “speed running” levels challenge challenges you to go through the levels as fast as you can.

The length of the game

Oddmar has only 24 levels in the game and you could probably finish it in a few hours. Even though the game isn’t very long, what it manages to do is to not waste a single second.

And for a mobile game, that is absolute gold.

Honestly, for $4.99, the game gives you incredible value. The production value alone would make this game be priced around $9.99. Add everything else to that, and this game is a steal.

Why do we care about this game so much?

The thing is, games like Oddmar does not usually debut on mobile. Games like this go on other popular platforms and then comes to mobile. But Senri did not opt for that and went straight to mobile.

That is why we love Senri. With more developers giving the mobile platform priority, we can take mobile gaming to the next level.


Final Thoughts

Oddmar is such a well-developed game and it deserves your purchase. If you are one of those people who has been complaining about the state of mobile gaming these days, then this is game you want. It is an incredible platformer with zero IAP’s. More important than that, Oddmar is made specifically for mobile.

The developers took a risk releasing it only on mobile, and we at Mobile Game Hunter want this to be a hit. Just because of how much love has gone into this game.

If any game deserves your money, it is Oddmar.

Download Oddmar for iOS below: