The Amazing New IPad Pro | What You Need To Know

The Amazing New IPad Pro | What You Need To Know

Apple launches the new iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro launched by Apple yesterday looked pretty much exactly like what was predicted by the leakers. Also as predicted, the bezel is now almost non-existent, the home button has been removed along with Touch ID. The iPad Pro has opted for a full-screen design with Face ID.

Just as the new iPhones, the screen on the iPad Pro features rounded corners, but the screen is still LCD. The smaller bezels mean that you get a slightly bigger screen in the same footprint, now at 11” from 10.5”. The 12.9” model shrinks in size a bit to 8.5×11”.

Not just that, the new iPad Pro is also thinner than the previous models going from 6.9mm to 5.9mm, which accounts for 25% less volume. Very impressive.

The iPad Pro features what Apple is calling the ‘Monster’ A12X bionic processor. Built on 7nm fabrication processes, same as the A12 in the new iPhones, however, the ‘X’ chip is said to be more powerful with a 7 core GPU and an 8 core CPU which makes the device run 2x faster. Making the iPad Pro an absolute ‘Monster’ in performance.

At the reveal, Apple mentioned a 90% performance boost across multi-core apps and even compared the graphics performance to the Xbox One. Damn.

The iPad Pro will have increased storage of 1TB and as rumored, USB-C. USB-C lets you connect the device to external docks, displays, cameras, etc. and even lets you charge your iPhone from the iPad. The device also comes with the second gen Apple Pencil which connects magnetically. The Pencil can now be charged wirelessly which is great.

Apple really focused on showcasing the iPad Pro’s Augmented Reality capabilities with all of its hardware and cameras calibrated to provide the best AR experience. As a matter of fact, Apple took a good amount of time from the keynote to talk about the gaming capabilities of the new iPad Pro showcasing games like Assassins Creed and NBA 2K.

It was clear that Apple was pushing the fact that the new iPad Pro is the best portable gaming device available. Interesting.

Now we all know Apple products are not going to be cheap. The iPad Pro 11” will start at $799 and the 12.9” at $999. Pre-orders are available right now, with shipping beginning on November 7th.