The Room Old Sins Android release date announced!

The Room Old Sins Android release date announced!

The wait is finally over Android fans! Fireproof games have officially released a statement regarding the release of the highest rated game of 2018.

The Room Old Sins Android release date: April 19th Thursday!

This was probably one of the most asked questions on the on the internet when it comes to mobile gaming last few weeks, and Fireproof games have been pretty vague about it, until now.

The official statement was released on their Facebook page on March 28th, making a lot of people happy.

Why was there a delay?

One thing is that Android testing is a lot harder than iOS testing, mainly because there are just so many devices to check compatibility on.

It is especially difficult when you have a game such as The Room Old Sins, where it demands so much of your hardware.

So, Fireproof really had to make sure that Old Sins was perfectly ready before launching on the Android platform.



It was stated that on the initial iOS release Fireproof games caught few “nasty” bugs, and that would have had a bad effect on Android devices as well.

Fireproof really went to work, spending a lot of time fixing everything to make sure Android fans got the game they deserve.

Will not support all devices

Unfortunately, not all devices that supported The Room Three, will support Old Sins. This is because of hardware compatibility.

However, Fireproof had made sure that Old Sins will run on as many Android devices as possible.

Pre-registration Beta-testing

Before the official release, Fireproof will be doing a “Limited Public Beta”, which users will be able to sign up for via Google play.

An exact date is not announced on that yet, so we will have to keep an eye out for that one.

A little bit of history

Since the debut, way back in 2012, The Room series has always set the benchmark for puzzle games. The Room Old Sins, went back to its roots as an intimate puzzler, much like the first two games, which the fans accepted really well.

What is so great about these games is that it makes you want to explore every nook and cranny of the amazing environment created by Fireproof, and its ability to tell a story by saying so little. That is what a mobile game is supposed to be.

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Even though Old Sins is the fourth installment of the series, it is still a really good starting point for someone new to the series.

However, we would strongly recommend you check out the older titles, just because they are too damn good!

The Room —– The Room Two —– The Room Three

Is it April 19th yet?