“The Room: Old Sins” iOS and Android Review | One of the Best

“The Room: Old Sins” iOS and Android Review | One of the Best

The Room Legacy

The Room Old Sins for iOS and Android | When the Room was released originally in 2012, it caught everyone off guard.

No one was expecting this game to be what it was, and I believe, neither did the developers.

The first room was packed full of secrets and gave a new way to interact with puzzles. The game was wonderful, however, a lot of people were confused with the ending.

Mainly because, well, there was no real ending.

The developers knew about this too and then released an Epilogue a year later which gave the fans the ending they needed.

The Follow Ups

The Room Two was better than the first in every possible way, and since the first room was good, you can imagine how good Room 2 was.

I suggest you check out that game too, just because of the fact it was absolutely amazing.

The Room Three which came out in 2015, was not bad, but it did not have the same qualities as the previous Rooms.

The Room 3 took the game in a new direction that did not sit well with die-hard fans of the series. But still was a brilliant game.


What’s inside the Rooms?

The first two Rooms were very focused on the puzzle boxes, and the third seems to have shifted the focus towards environmental puzzles.

The boxers, which everyone loved in the first two games seemed less important as the games became more complicated.

This was the fear we had when we heard of the fourth installment.

Going back to the roots

To our delight, The Room Old Sins for Android and iOS had gone back to its roots, to what made it the great game it is.

This felt like the proper follow up to the Room 2. The game, as usual, starts off with a tutorial, taking the gamer through its brilliant controls system.

Basically, in order to look around the room, you need to move the camera with your finger, and to zoom in on an object you can double tap/pinch in, and then you interact with that object, which is how you would solve the puzzles.


Intuitive Controls

The intuitiveness of the controls, of the Room games, are its highlight.

The boxes feel so real and interacting with them is just a joy. This was way back in 2012, with the latest, The Room: Old Sins, It feels like the boxes are indeed real, and that adds so much value to the gameplay.

A key tool in these games is the ‘eyepiece’, which you will be using very often throughout The Room: Old Sins as well.

The eyepiece reveals any and all secrets of an object, and what you find out about objects are very important.

Addictive Gameplay

The gameplay in The Room: Old Sins, revolves around the player looking around the boxes to find which sliders or leavers spin in the correct direction.

The player will also need to collect items, and using them in puzzles (which is not easy sometimes) while making sure that he does not miss anything.

The game gives you little snippets of the story to drag you in, but however, you have the option to either go deeper into the mystery or to ignore it completely and continue on with the puzzles.

I opted for option number one.

The Best Yet

The game has a great flow to it, in that it never lets you get stuck in one place.

The Room Old Sins has a great hint system and provides you with the right hint at the exact right time.

I am not sure how the game does it, but I am really glad it does. This does not mean that the game is easy, oh no, The Room: Old Sins, will make sure you work for that hint.

You have to do your part in collecting all the things you need to collect and get as close to figuring out how to solve a puzzle before receiving a valuable hint.

Final Thoughts

The Room games are an iOS staple.

I personally do not know anyone who is into iOS gaming, who has not played at least one of the Rooms games.

If you have not had the pleasure, I would strongly recommend that you give one of the old games a try.

Me being an iOS gaming fan and a Rooms fan would not want you to jump straight into the fourth one, however, there is no problem in trying this installment without having previous ‘Rooms’ experience; Either way, you will fall in love with this amazing game.

The Rooms games are easily one of the best puzzlers available on mobile, and The Room: Old Sins, sits in pretty with the other games in the series.

Download The Room Old Sins for iOS and Android below: