Lot of Uncertainties in “The Uncertain” – Android and & iOS Review

Lot of Uncertainties in “The Uncertain” – Android and & iOS Review

The Uncertain” for Android and iOS has a good concept behind it. The game is set in a world where humans have destroyed themselves and all that’s remaining are robots.

Not a very original story but, with stories like these especially, you can bring out a lot of emotion out of it, with great characters and a lot of heart.

With The Uncertain mobile game, the developers had the right platform but somehow fell short.

Why we love Telltale

Telltale, is a studio that gets stories right, and they have set the benchmark for episodic storytelling on the mobile platform.

It is pretty obvious that The Uncertain have taken few cues from Telltale to incorporate into the game, and whether this successfully done is debatable.


Let’s dive into the game

To start off, the game is not the most exciting title you will play.

This point-and-click adventure sometime feels too slow, and you find yourself waiting for something to happen. That is not the makings of a great game.

For those of you who are not familiar with point-and-click adventures, on screen, you will find certain objects highlighted, and all you have to do is to click on them and decide what to do.

And the continuation of the game depends on these choices. If you really want experience this format in all its stupendous glory, I suggest you try one of Telltale titles.

Is it really working?

The Uncertain is a typical point-and-click adventure, in the sense you click, pick up, engage in conversation, solve puzzles etc…

However in this game, it just sometimes feels like you are forcing yourself to do these things rather than you wanting to do them.

One of the biggest concerns is the floaty camera, which does not do the game any favors. There were a couple of occasions when we actually lost the character from the screen, and sometimes it is not entirely certain where we need to go.


What about the puzzles?

Simply put, nothing special here.

For someone who is new to puzzles, they might seem interesting but, for even somewhat experienced gamers, the puzzles are too easy and honestly does not require too much thinking.

Rest of the game?

As mentioned earlier, there is potential in this story. In a world only populates by robots, one curious robot is on a mission to find out what happened to the humans.

The idea seems solid. However, the storytelling needs a lot of work.


There are a lot of reveals in The Uncertain, and some of them are quite interesting.

However, it just seems that there were some quite big important revels which surfaced in the game like it’s nothing.

And sometimes the game throws too many things at you at once, which does not help either.

Final thoughts

It is safe to say the first episode in the series did not start off with a bang. The game needs a lot of improvement, specifically in the camera, controls, voice acting, story, character development, and puzzles.

I know that’s pretty much is the entire game, however, if the developers want this game to be accepted, those things will need to be looked at in the next release of The Uncertain series.

One positive though is the ending, the game ends with a good cliffhanger which actually makes you want to play the next game just to see what the heck happens.

Just for that reason, we suggest that you give it a try. Who knows, the next might turn out to be a masterpiece.

Download The Uncertain for iOs and Android below:

Check out the VR trailer below: