MGH Weekend Pick: TheoTown for iOS & Android

MGH Weekend Pick: TheoTown for iOS & Android

TheoTown for iOS and Android

Premium city builder mobile games have been something of a unicorn in the mobile gaming world. The idea of simulation games just loans itself excessively well to the allowed to play style of gaming, and even the godfather of the class SimCity is just accessible in an especially allowed to play structure on mobile.

The individuals who have needed to just plunk down a piece of cash for a city builder and get everything in one bundle have had next to no choice throughout the years.

And after that the previous summer ‘Pocket City’ arrived carrying with it a completely premium, no IAP, made-for-mobile experience that, while not the most testing or key of recreations, offered a great deal of city-building fun with none of the allowed to play filler.

I really LOVE Pocket City for what it is, yet on the off chance that you long for something with increasingly key cleaves and a heartier test, TheoTown ($5.99) has at last advanced toward iOS following a five-year keep running on Android to answer that call.

This is the trailer for the Android adaptation which is basically equivalent to the iOS form and should give you a smart thought of what TheoTown is about.

Interestingly, on Android TheoTown really is a free to play game with advertisements and IAP, however on iOS it’s a one-time buy with no IAP.

I don’t know whether it used to be paid on Android and essentially changed to allowed to play since that is increasingly helpful for that showcase for sure, yet I value that the iOS adaptation is a compensation once title.

Concerning the game itself, this is fundamentally the same as something like SimCity 2000 with clues of Cities: Skylines, and is loaded up with essentially any of the highlights you could need from an out and out city building game.

It tends to be somewhat overpowering when you first begin, yet you can look at the official site where I’m certain you can discover a response to any inquiries you may have, or you can hit up the game’s string in our very own gatherings as well.

I’m an absolute TheoTown noob up until now yet despite everything I’m having a ton of fun, so in case you’re the sort that has been wanting actually years for a full no-nonsense city building simulation on iOS, this is one you’re going to need to get.

Download TheoTown for iOS and Android here