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Award Winning Puzzler TINY BUBBLES coming to Android November 21st

Tiny Bubbles Android release date

Tiny Bubbles was in development for several years before it finally launched on iOS back in May. Tiny Bubbles utilized many different types of mechanics in the game including color blending and matching to come up with a truly stunning puzzler.

The game was a big hit when it came out getting praise from both critics and players. If this is the first time you are hearing about Tiny Bubbles, then you should seriously check out the trailer below:

Pretty cool yes? But there was one problem with it. It was only available on iOS. Thus, Android gamers were very eager for any news about Tiny Bubbles on Android, and that news is finally here.

The developers of Tiny Bubbles Pine Street Codeworks promised an Android release was on the way in July along with the iOS update, and even though it took some time to get here, Tiny Bubbles is finally getting its Android launch on November 21st.

So, Android gamers, in two weeks’ time, get ready to feel like a kid again playing with bubbles. Tiny Bubbles is actually available now as an early release on Google Play, however, if you can wait for the official release on November 21st.