Top 10 Android Games of 2017  – Android Games Of The Year

Top 10 Android Games of 2017 – Android Games Of The Year

This is year has been an extremely busy year for mobile gaming. We’ve seen so many incredible titles get released this year and choosing best Android games for 2017 is an absolutely daunting task.

Therefore we decided to list the highest rated games for the year on PlayScore. PlayScore takes critic reviews and player reviews and puts them together, to provide a comprehensive rating for the games. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the highest rated Android games of 2017.

10 – Warlock’s Tower: Retro Puzzler – Feb 13, 2017 | $1.99 | Playsore rating 8.63

This fantastic game by Midipixle takes us back to the 8bit Gameboy era with this ambitious puzzler. Warlock’s Tower offers A MIND-boggling maze super complicated riddles. In this world, every step you take counts as each step brings you closer to death. Users play as a noble mailman in a war-ridden land, and it is up to you to bring peace to the other side.

However, this is no easy task as the levels are filled with all sorts of deadly contraptions. You as the player will have maneuver through its pixilated staged with the use of the very responsive controls. Warlock’s Tower has over 100 stages however each stage feels fresh and compelling due to the innovative puzzling system of the game.

Relive the glory of 90’s style arcade gaming with challenging puzzles and engaging environments with this love letter of a game to the retro gaming era.

09 – Postknight – Feb 9, 2017 | Free | Playscore rating 8.64

Yet another the mailman has entered our countdown. This puzzler focuses more on the fun aspect of rather than the complexity of the puzzles. Much like the combat filled Harvest Moon, players will step into the shoes of this cute mailman and help him face the harsh storms of his deliveries in Postknight.

The landscapes, the characters and the general feel of the game, makes it one of the most adorable games of the year. Your tasks are to fight off the monsters and creatures that block your path become a better and stronger knight which each passing level.

And of course every knight needs his princess. In this game you will have the option of choosing your one true love from the eligible bachelorettes available.

08 – Invert – A Minimal Puzzle Game – | Apr 19, 2017 | $2.99| Playscore rating 8.66


As the title suggests, this game is a minimalistic approach to an absolutely amazing puzzler. Don’t be fooled though this game is an absolute masterpiece. This game is a tile-based puzzler. Your goal is to invert the tiles until they are all the same color. Sounds easy? Think again.

This game will challenge even the most experienced gamers. Don’t be surprised if you lose hours of your day on this game. Invert features over 150 puzzles and 3 different game modes, There is plenty is more than enough content. Despite its simplicity, the game is highly immersive an will keep you hooked on for hours.

07 – Mushroom 11 – Mar 9, 2017 |Playscore rating 8.66


This innovative ‘side-scroller’ by Untame, is highly addictive game. With its unique mechanics and design, this game has quickly reached to universal acclaim. Mushroom 11 is set in a world where destruction is the only way to survive and provide an extremely unique spin on the genre. As the player, our task is to guide this amorphous mushroom through various objects in this gloriously designed post-apocalyptic world.

What’s so cool about Mushroom 11 is that it makes you think really creatively as being creative is the only way to move forward in this game. This game lets you do so many things with this mushroom including shooting lasers! The world is your playground when comes to this game and it will sure as hell test your thinking skills. Due to all these reasons, this game was very well received by critics and users alike.

06 – Flipping Legend – June 14, 2017 | Free | Playscore rating 8.71


Noodlecake enters into the top 10 with this super fun endless running game. Players will step inside a voxel-based universe and play as ninjas, barbarians, and warlocks, to fight against the infinite trail Flipping Legend. The gameplay is also very unique as it opts for an unconventional way of maneuvering through its “chessboard” like environment.

As the player, you will have to flip around its limited playing fields while surviving a storm of spikes, traps and enemies, all while collecting coins. You can flip around in any direction you want and use spells, which looks insanely cool. There are a number of characters to chose from, each with their own cool abilities. Flipping Legend is easy to pick up and highly addictive due to the vast amount of things can explore.

05 – Causality – Feb 12, 2017 |$1.99 | Playscore rating 8.73


This time-bending brilliant little game is quite the enchanting adventure. The developers Logu have really gone all out in putting all the design and technical flair into this engaging puzzler. Causality shares some similarities with Square Enix’ Go series however still have its own brand of “cuteness”, and also stands apart doe its huge amount of brain-teasing riddles.

Your task is to guide the astronauts to reach their color-coded destinations. Despite looking adorable, Causality is not to be taken lightly. This game makes use of a lot of scientific ideas, which at times will have you scratching your head. The Tricky traveling ports and the clones are something that I really enjoyed.

04 – Iron Marines – Sep 14, 2017 | $ 4.99 | Playscore rating 8.88


After the success of the tower defense series Kingdom Rush, Ironhide Studios moves to the unit based action of a real-time strategy. This genre is not the most famous but when it’s coming from an acclaimed studio such as Ironhide you can be bloody damn sure that Iron Marines is going to be good.

You as the player will step into the shoes of an iron marines as they fight not only deadly aliens but the killer weather conditions. You need to gather and organize your armies, and strategically plan your attacks, to pave your way to victory. The game maintains Ironhide Studio‘s signature cartoonish charm which I absolutely love.

03 – Thimbleweed Park – Oct 3, 2017 | $ 9.99 | Playscore rating 8.89


Developed by Lucas Art, Thimbleweed Park brings point-and-click adventures back into the mainstream. This game is actually a sequel to they’re equally brilliant Manic mansion and the secret monkey island. The story takes the players through a neo-noir mystery, set in 1987.

Thimbleweed Park beautifully brings in the 80’s aesthetics, not just through the graphics but also through its themes. The two main characters, Ray and Reyes investigate a murder which is kind of reminiscent of the X-files, if the X-files was a hilarious comedy.

This point and click adventure will take you through the dark streets of the fictional town, to investigate and extract information. The story is nothing short of compelling and beautifully written. This is another huge success for the studio.

02 – DATA WING – Aug 14, 2017 | Free | Playscore rating 8.89


This is a project by Dan Vogt, which is a free to play piece of absolute gold. Data Wing NOT filled with ads or microtransactions. Data wing is futuristic racer set in a stunning cyber world.

Data Wing features amazing visuals, brilliant controls, and a mesmerizing narrative. The best part is that it’s totally free! Players will take control of a lone data wing, and take instructions from a rather twisted narrator. As you continue on with the story, a groundbreaking conspiracy will slowly be unfolded.

You will be competing against yourself as well as other data wings with 2 hours worth of gameplay which includes 40 stages. The game is quite short however it delivers heavily on gameplay and story.

01 – Through the ages – Sep 13, 2017 |$9.99 | Playsore rating 9.0


It seems board games have found a new home in smartphones. The original developer Vlaada Chvatil comes into the spotlight with this digital version of their crowning glory, Through the Ages. This digital board game takes you through all the vital periods of human history.

Through the Ages is very intimidating at the beginning, however, due to the highly helpful tutorials, you feel right at home from the start. The takes you back to the very start of human history as you start as a humble tribe of humans with basic tools and knowledge.

The players will use the cards available to introduce new technologies, implement governments and ultimately forward humanity into the new age. Which is the objective of the Through the Ages. Don’t worry it’s not as boring as it sounds 🙂 There is plenty of action and you need to master the art of war in order to beat enemies and gain territories. This is certainly an amazingly developed game