TOP 10 Anroid and iOS Games of January 2018

TOP 10 Anroid and iOS Games of January 2018

Keeping you up with the best Android and iOS games every month. 2018 so far has been a terrific year for mobile gaming,  and we’re excited to present to you the top 10 PAID games for the month of January 2018. Here are our top 10 Android and iOS games of the new year.

10. Meteorfall: Journey – Platform: iOS, Android |Price: $2.99

Meteorfall: Journey is a “card collector – RPG” which I think is the best way to explain it. You might feel the need to compare this game with “Reigns”, but I wouldn’t. There are similarities, however, the feels like it is a whole separate game. Basically with cards come ‘choice’, which means you can choose your own adventure. If you love these type of games, you should definitely check it out.

09. Let Them Come – Platform: iOS, Android |Price: $1.99

Let Them Come is not the most difficult game to explain. The game basically takes place inside a spaceship, with hoards and hoards of aliens trying to kill you, and your job as the hired mercenary is to kill all the aliens! Let Them Come is a stationary shooter, and its very clear that a lot of attention has been focused on the graphics aspect of the game, with stunning visuals and gameplay. Due to its fluid gameplay and just the perfect amount of difficulty, Let Them Come is really hard to put down.

08. JYDGE Platform: iOS,  Android [SOON] | Price: $4.99

JYDGE is super cool arcade shooter, which is kind of an homage to Judge Dread, however, the two games are not related at all. The game is certainly a lot of fun, and that is the main idea of the game. JYDGE is purely intended for the players to go nuts and have fun, and thus don’t expect it to be anything more than that.

07. Four Last Things – Platform: iOS, Android | Price: $3.99

Four Last Things is a point-and-click adventure which is obviously inspired by Renaissance art. The entire game makes you feel like you are inside these paintings. What this game has done very well is that it has mixed in all the components of an adventure game very cleverly into the game’s canvas, and that makes up for some entertaining gameplay. The stand out is easily the game’s graphics and its presentation.

06. Antihero – Digital Board Game – Platform: iOS, Android | Price: $4.99

Antihero – Digital Board Game, is a pretty interesting little title. Here obviously you play the villain and commit as many crimes as you can, and try to get away with them. You will be tasked to do things such Assassinating public figures, blackmailing and a lot of thieving. If you remember the game “Don’t Starve”, you might find some similarities in terms of art style. The game has a multiplayer option too, however it the single player campaign is really good as well.

05. Portal Knights – Platform: iOS, Android | Price: $4.99

The moment you boot up Portal Knights, you can clearly see where the influences are coming from. Minecraft is a major influence, though the game looks a little bit better than Minecraft, in terms of styling, and also has a “Zelda” feel to it, which is actually quite nice. Character progression is something Portal Knights does really well. The game is not open-ended, however, you can probably call it semi-open-ended.

04. Rusty Lake Paradise Platform: iOS Android Price: $2.99

Rusty Lake Paradise is what you would call a very, very creepy game. This a puzzle-adventure game which relies on very interesting and odd ideas. The description of the game reads “Dark and Macabre”, which I believe is the best way to describe this game. The artwork in the game is clearly indented to be as disturbing as it can possibly get, yet there is a meaning to it all. What really drags you in is the soundtrack, which is really well done, and sets the mood for the entire game.

03. Cytus II – Platform: iOS, Android [Soon] | Price: $1.99

This is another rhythm based game, and the problem with these games is that they are very limited. Cytus II, however, is absolutely not. The game is packed with things you can do, and gameplay really shines. The art style is pretty cool, with its comic-ish artwork, with a limited color palette, coupled with the excellent gameplay, makes for a really good game. The story revolved around a DJ going missing and it is up to you to find what happened, in the name of rhythm.

02. Super Fancy Pants Adventure – Platform: iOS, Steam, Android [SOON] | Price: $4.99

If you have played any Fancy Pants games by Newground, you know what Super Fancy Pants Adventure is going to be like. This game, however, blows the other Fancy Pants games out of the water. Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a lot better in terms of basically everything, graphics, gameplay mechanics, and in-game physics seem a lot more solid. This a similar type of game to Sonic Runner Adventures, in terms of the side-scrolling runner type of game, yet is a totally different experience. You should certainly give Super Fancy Pants Adventure a shot.

01. The Room: Old Sins – Platform: iOS, Android [Soon] | Price: $4.99

The Room: Old Sins is not a new title, in fact, it’s been out there for a long time, and if you have played any of the previous room games, you know exactly what this game is about. The first Room game was a complete story by itself, where Room 2 and Room 3 were very much dependant on each other. Room 3 had a problem with it its puzzles being too complicated, and convoluted. Room is supposed to be a strange game, which is the best part about Room, however, Room 3 was not at the standard that Room 2 was. The Room: Old Sins, mixes things up with this addition, and we think it’s for the best as it seems to add value to the whole gaming experience. Overall, The Room: Old Sins is an excellent game.