Top 10 offline Strategy games for android and iOS you must try today!

Top 10 offline Strategy games for android and iOS you must try today!

Top 10 offline Strategy games for Android and iOS Start with – StarCaft, Age of Empires, Total Annihilation, Warcraft; these are some of the games that defined the Real Time Strategy genre. Who would have thought then that one day we will be playing RTS games on the palm of our hands?

Mobile games are on the verge of competing with Consoles, as the quality is getting better and better. RTS is a genre which requires a lot of display area. Cramping an RTS game into a mobile screen is not an easy thing to do.
However the beloved developers refuse to give up, and with that spirit, we have with us right now some of best RTS games we can play regardless of the platform. That is why we decided to do this top 10 of the best Strategy games for Android and iOS devices by Mobile Game Hunter.



This space exploration strategy game is one of the games we enjoyed the most. Well, we say enjoyed as it took our stress levels to a whole new level. On the other hand, we did not know being lost in space would be so fun. This game takes the space strategy to a whole different “space”.

OUT THERE: OMEGA EDITION, is not about space combat, rather it is about managing resources, and being strategic about the use of those resources. This might seem boring but trust its far from it. The game is full of suspense and tense moments. The idea of dying in space really hits you. And the game is quite beautiful to look at too.



Ever wanted to kill millions of people? Ever wanted to spread horrifying plagues across the world? Ever wanted to eradicate the human population??! These are not the kind questions or selling points you into a game. Well, that is what Plague Inc. is. And let me tell you, IT IS SO MUCH FUN!

The idea of the game is obviously to spread whatever plague you wanted to spread, across the world as fast as possible, killing as many humans as possible. And you have to do this before anyone can come up with a cure. You can choose many ways to spread your plague, and this really needs some strategic thinking. Plague Inc. is total insanity but we love it.

8) Rusted Warfare  | PAID


The game that takes us back in time. Rusted Warfare pays homage to the best of the best like Total Annihilation and Command and Conquer. If you want to experience Real Time Strategy on a mobile device, then this is the game for you.

This game is designed in a way where you really don’t have to worry about resource management, rather focus on building the army. Cash is not a problem once set up few mining units, choosing what to do with that money is what is important. Towards the end of Rusted Warfare, you will even have access to Nuclear weapons, which is when you can blow everything up to kingdom come.



Stunning to look at, incredible to play, oh yeah, AUTUMN DYNASTY heck of a game. The most impressive aspect I would have to say are its captivating graphics. The game dives into ancient Asian cultures and that whole theme is beautifully reflected in all aspects of the game. At times it looks as if you are inside a storybook. Not the just the graphics, the game mechanics also play really well. You need be mindful of your resources, and you need to train your units. AUTUMN DYNASTY is not easy. You have to be very precise sometimes in order be victorious



The first GLORY OF GENERALS was a smash hit, it had everything we wanted from an RTS. The first game received good reviews from the critics and players alike. For those of you who don’t know, GLORY OF GENERALS is a World War 2 real-time strategy game. The second game has all the things we loved about the first game and a little bit more.

In GLORY OF GENERALS 2, you get to command over 70 kinds of army, navy and air force units. The graphics are better, the gameplay is better, and the general feel of the game feels more modern, which is what we expect from a follow-up game. All in all this game is highly recommended.



This game received very mixed reviews from critics and fans. Some loved it some absolutely hated it. Ok so let’s get into EUROPEAN WAR 4; the game is obviously based on the Napoleon era. First off, the game does not look all that good compared to the other games on this list. Second, the game is kind of slow, and there is an annoying pop up you get every time you want to end your turn saying “Are you sure you want to end your turn?”.

Now all that aside, what’s good about this game? Well, why we enjoyed is because of the in the midst of all the crap, we found hours of really good fun. The game shows you a realistic approach to strategy when it comes to managing your resources. This is coming from a diehard RTS fan. If you are new to this genre, you would not enjoy this game as much. Final verdict; not a game to try if you are new to the RTS genre.


MECHCOM 2 is nifty little RTS we could not stop playing. The game is set in a planet called Tiberius, and there is a high competition among corporation for scarce resources. The story highly believable and narrative of the game is excellent. MECHCOM 2 is meticulously designed and beautiful to look at.

You will be taking on the role of an unnamed military commander, and your goal is to give the company you work for, what they need. We kind of got JC’s Avatar vibes playing this game and that really good thing. You will have a wide variety of cool weapons to play with vehicles to have fun with. Overall this game deserves your time.

3) Battle OF Polytopia | FREE


Battle OF Polytopia pays homage to great games like Civilization and is one of the best-looking strategy games on the mobile. The game very clean, not cluttered and is extremely easy to pick up. You don’t have to spend long hours getting to know the mechanics with Battle Of Polytopia, instead, you can straight away get in conquering the world.

The game focuses a lot on combat and the AI in the game can become a little predictive and repetitive.These however are minor downfalls in an amazing game. With Battle Of Polytopia, don’t expect to play the game for a quick 15 minutes and put it down, the game is hella addictive and you’ll soon find hours missing from your day. Is it worth it? Hell yeah!

2) Plants Vs Zombies 2 | FREE


Plants Vs Zombies, one of the most famous mobile game titles ever. I am sure a there isn’t anyone who owns a smartphone who haven’t heard about Plants Vs Zombies. So how do you improve on a game which was near perfect? Well play Plants Vs Zombies 2 and find out.

The developer pop cap was acquired by Electronics arts in 2011 for a cool $750 million, and it is safe to assume the developers had a lot more money to play around with. And it is kind of evident when you play the game. PVZ 2 has all the things we loved about the first game and a whole lot more. The game has more characters and a map where you can that you can explore which is really cool, and our boy Crazy Dave a time-traveling car!

The game has in-app purchases which can make the experience even better however you can fully enjoy the game even without those. Plants Vs Zombies 2 gets our highest approval.

1) Anomaly 2 |  PAID


Oh My God! This game is absolute gold. Oh, glorious tower defense. Even if you have not played the previous Anomaly, I’m pretty sure you have played some kind of tower defense game. If not there’s nothing to worry about.
Anomaly 2 starts off by taking the players through the basics of the game. This is nice for a beginner but for a more experienced player, it may seem a little bit too dragged. After the initial training, you are put into a world where an alien invasion has come back with a vengeance.

In the first Anomaly game, Humanity came out on top beating the invading aliens, however as per the storyline of the second game, that was just a trial run, and now comes the proper invasion.

In Anomaly 2 you get a bunch of kick-ass military vehicles to play around with some heavy weaponry which looks amazing on screen in the heat of battle. The gameplay mechanics are smooth, the story is great, the graphics are so stunning that the game is like a moving piece of art. That is why Anomaly 2 is at the top of our Top 10 offline Strategy games for Android and iOS.