TOP 3 Best AR Games for Android

TOP 3 Best AR Games for Android

TOP 3 Best AR Games for Android

Augmented reality goes to be the next big thing in mobile gaming. The market is filling up with cool games at the moment, and once Apple showed off its new ar tech, there has never been a bigger appetency for this distinctive type of gaming. Here’s our round-up of the most effective ar games you’ll be able to play on your Android device these days.

Pokemon GO

Everyone has detected of Pokémon go by these days, however, the game is popular for a reason! above and beyond the official characters from the legendary Japanese video game, manga, TV and moving picture series, the game was a real pioneer in delivering augmented reality into the mainstream.

Using your phone’s GPS you’ll be able to travel the real world in pursuit of your favourite virtual pokémon. There are timed events around the world for catching rare monsters. It’s one in every of the best and easiest ar games to choose up if you’ve never tried the technology and an absolute must-have game for fans of the Pokémon franchise.

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The Walking Dead: Our World

Based on the unbelievably popular TV show (which relies on a graphic novel of the identical name), The Walking Dead: Our World immerses players in a very zombie-infested universe. the game uses ar to make the undead right into your world.

You fight with characters from The Walking Dead series, around your home or outside. you also need to collect coins, gold and energy for upgrading weapons and also the RPG components of the game make the fun last longer.

LEGO BrickHeadz Builder

Another well-liked franchise has entered the planet of ar with this straightforward but fun puzzle game. Players are needed to make virtual Lego models before solving puzzles to progress within the game. the game isn’t the most difficult, however, the scope for creativeness is enough to make it fascinating once the novelty of building legion ar wears off.

You can customise everything during this game, together with how your creations look and behave. It’s free to play and there’s no in-game advertising to get distracted from the experience.