Top 5 Fantasy Card Games for iOS and Android

Top 5 Fantasy Card Games for iOS and Android

What is the best Fantasy Card Game on Mobile?

It is a ridiculously saturated genre, and you have got an avalanche of choices whenever you pick up your device and open the App Store/Play Store.

So, we dove into the internet, did some research and this is what we came up with.

Just to be clear, this is not a definitive list, this is stuff we like, and more importantly games we think that has been best tailored to a touchscreen device.

If your favorite is not on the list, please mention them in the comments section below.


Card Quest

Card Quest wears its digital-first colors on its sleeve. It is gorgeous in a completely different way, with each card and character presented in big chunky pixels.

But there is a wonderful depth to Card Quest and you always feel like you are unlocking something new. Whether that is new enemies or a new deck to play with, the game is always ready with your next treat.

There is no multiplayer, but to be honest the game doesn’t need it.

It is a dungeon crawling RPG. It just happens that the dungeon you are crawling through is made out of cards.

And every time you venture out into the dark you will learn a little more, earn a little more, and see more of the horrors the world has to offer.


Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder Ventures: Rise of the Runelords takes the shape of the hardcore table-top RPG, then places it into a single player system where the bad guys are controlled by cards.

Is it smart and it works really well. This is a game driven by its narrative but also ads strategic depth to all the decisions that you make.

Pick a couple of characters, grab a deck of skills and equipment cards, and head off to different locations, smashing off monsters as you go.

Pathfinder Ventures is based on a table-top system but this is a really decent digital port that frees players from the fiddly overhead leaving them to admire the cleaver mechanics and addictive gameplay instead.


Meteorfall: Journey

Another digital only game and another solo adventure

This time though things are not as deep. In Metoerfall Journey you are making your way through short, sharp scraps, doing your very best to keep the Meteor from smashing into the world.

Don’t let the lack of depth push you away though, this is precisely the sort of game you want to play on your mobile in short sessions.

It is the fantasy card game done with the portable touchscreen crowd in mind, and it works brilliantly.

Pick one of four different adventurers and fight through what is essentially a quest featuring monsters, events, and various looting possibilities.

You don’t even have to fight all the monsters you come up against. Dismissing them with the Tinder-style swipe to the left, but do this too much and you will be useless by the time you get to the end game.

There has been a bunch of updates since the game came out as well and each of them have been great.

Sometimes you don’t want Fantasy Card Games to take over your entire life, sometimes want Meteorfall Journey.


The Dresden Files

Now, this is quite an odd choice some would say but bear with us. This isn’t your traditional Fantasy Card Game but sometimes you need to abandon tradition if you want to grow.

The reason why we added The Dresden Files co-operative card game on our list is due to the co-operative bit.

This is not a game to pick up if you don’t have any friends to play with. But if you do, it is a whole different ball game.

You take control of a team of detectives, trying to solve cases. If you are playing on your own then you are in control of all of them.

But, if you play with other people, you get one detective each. It is an unusual game, one that plays around not just with the shape of card games in general, but also the stories of the books this game is based on.

Play it as a solitaire game and some of the excitement doesn’t quite shine through, but, get some friends involved, and this is one of the most entertaining board game adaptations mobile has to offer.



Yes, we know, you can’t make a list of Fantasy card games without including Hearthstone.

It might not be the first game to do collectable card battling on digital, but it is easily the most popular and one of the strongest of the bunch.

With all of the updates, it has a thick single player mode, and plenty of different multiplayer options to keep you interested.

Plus, it is all presented in their Blizzard sheen. it is the sort of game that will eat up a lot of your time.

This game demands time and patience, it’s hard to resist spending real money to ease your path into power. There is real strategy in your deck building and tactics in the field of play.

But nothing on its own is overwhelming. The game uses just enough interlocking paths to build something astonishingly rich and deep in terms of strategy but not so much that it confuses newcomers.

Hearthstone is no small achievement in the Fantasy Card Game genre.