Top 5 Platformers on iOS and Android Right Now!

Top 5 Platformers on iOS and Android Right Now!

What are the best platforming games on iOS and Android? It is a question you probably pondered time and time again trying to figure out the right answer.

You have probably wasted a lot of time trying to figure that out yourself, and that is why we decided to do this Top 5 platformers list for you because we’re nice guys! 🙂

The first platformer on the list is……….


Super Mario Run

We couldn’t start this list any other way. I mean, its Mario, and it’s on mobile, and it works brilliantly. Yes, we can argue about the way that it is priced, but one thing you can’t complain about is how well it plays.

It is just as slick as you would expect, but it is smarter, cooler and more experimental and we had any right to think it might be

Going for the perfect runs and the black coins really is a challenge. Though some purists might have taken offence, there is some really ingenious stuff going on under the surface.


Here is a more recent addition to the App store platform. In Oddmar, you play as a Viking, but not a very good Viking.

So you need to go prove to all the other Vikings that you are in fact an awesome Viking.

While its Rain Man influences are very clear, it is gorgeous, the controls are brilliant, and the level design is constantly changing; tripping you up and forcing you to go one way then the other, upside down and backwards again.

The Boss set pieces are spectacular as well. And while it may not be the most original game, it a beautiful representation of everything that we love about platforming.



So, the previous two platformers where full of bright colours and good vibes. It is time for the polar opposite.

Inside, the spiritual successor to Playdead’s Limbo is grim, lonely and full of greys and sad blues.

There are armed men chasing a small boy and the things you need to do escape are, not nice.

As melancholy and downright creepy as Limbo is, Inside upstages that game in possibly every way.

The game is short but it packs a real punch. And that ending, OMG.

Just play it.


Suzy Cube

Before things get too flat, let’s talk 3D. Suzy Cube is a retro-ish take on the likes of ‘Mario 64’.

While it might seem like the touch screen is the worst possible control system to use for a 3D platformer, this one actually works really well.

Like Oddmar, this one wears its inspiration on its sleeve. From the elemental theme levels to the physics platform puzzling, and even the funny hats give you special powers.

The bosses are a bit weak, and of course, it never reaches the heights of the game that it is emulating. But, Suzy Cube is smart, charming, and it might well have given new life to a new era of 3D platforming.



And finally, do you want challenge? Do you want guns in your shoes? Do you want to develop a lifelong hatred of stupid, freaking BATS!

Well, you have come to the right place. Downwell is a platformer that is all about falling down, a well…. Now you know where the inspiration for the name came from.

You need to kill stuff, get upgrades, and try and stay alive. It is tough, brutal and is FANTASTIC!

Beyonetta style gun shoes keep you hovering in the air, creatures are coming from every angle, and you are going to die all the time.

But when you have mastered the well balanced and super simple control scheme and you got a good run going, there are only a few platformers this accelerating on mobile.

Downwell might look crude from the outside, but underneath its pixel art, beats the heart, of a sophisticated killer.