Top 5 Strategy Games for iOS and Android (2018)

Top 5 Strategy Games for iOS and Android (2018)

Just because you want to create wholesale slaughter, doesn’t mean the slaughter has to be mindless. Sometimes you want strategic slaughter, where each decision is way more important than just shooting at everything.

That is where strategy games come in. There are loads of them on the App Store and the Play store, which can make it difficult to pick the one that is right for you. So, we have picked what we think are the 5 best strategy games for mobile (iOS and Android).


Steamworld Heist

Simply, Steamworld Heist is about getting into spaceships and robbing them blind.

Set in its lovely cogs and cowboys universe, it is filled with brilliant ideas. It takes ex-con style squad-based combat and does it in 2D rather than 3D, and fills it with unbelievably satisfying moments.

A perfectly placed long-range shot, and intelligent flanking manoeuvre, a grenade bouncing nicely into your foes lap.

Every turn is a balancing act as you weigh weapons, classes and action points against the enemies you are facing, and, possible angles of counter-attack.



Do you love advance wars? Well, then you are probably going to love Warbits. It takes the shape of Nintendos much loved cartoon classic, then shakes it around so it fits more comfortably onto your phone.

You get tanks, infantry, flying machines, and support drone, all of which you will need to use in order to conquer your enemy and rub your victory in their face.

There is a real focus on subtle strategy. The weight of numbers is rarely enough to win the day.

You need to think about the position of your troops and support units and figure out ways to protect your army while still taking out your foes.

There is also a rich vein of slightly ridiculous humour running through the game. And the addition of multiplayer maps means that you can always jump in and have a scrap even if you finished the single player.

There is a lot to do in Warbits and you going to have a lovely time doing it.


Iron Marines

After basically defining the modern tower defence genre with its Kingdom Rush series, Iron Hide studios went away, had a think, came back and essentially created the modern mobile strategy game.

Iron Marines is tough but never unfairly so. It is smart but never overwhelming. And it borrows from so many other genres that it stays fresh for as long as you keep playing it.

You traverse large levels, complete objectives, build bases to defend, installations to protect, and blast waves of enemies to into tiny bits.

Iron Marines might not have the scope of some classic RTS games, but it takes the meat of the genre, balances it brilliantly, and then puts it in the palm of your hand.



Rymdkapsel is a game that peels back the layers of RTS and exposes its beating heart. It is like a neat shot of the genre, taken fast with little regard for your own safety.

Like everything else Grapefrukt has made, this is a game that plays by its own rules, with its own style, with its own ideas about the way things should be.

The rooms you are gathering resources from and defending can only be billed in Tetris style shapes, and corridors must stretch between them, meaning you really need to consider how exactly you are spreading out your ship.

And there are resources that are key to victory, you need to become one with your workers throwing them into the appropriate jobs whenever needed.

It is not immediately obvious how certain elements of the gameplay work, so you might be dying due to factors beyond your control. But once you start to better understand the game and find the correct balance between creation and attack, Rymdkapsel is gloriously entertaining.


Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse is a mixture of RTS and a turn-based strategy game that involves planning out your attacks before you execute them.

The twist is that your foes are inputting their moves at exactly the same time. instead of shooting at where your enemies are, you need to anticipate where they are going to go and shoot where they will be.

Now and then it can feel unfairly hard,  sometimes the AI is a little too savvy for its own good. It is a heavy experience, almost equal parts order and chaos.

The precision of your instructions as you carefully tap put paths and ask for your men to aim in a particular direction, and then the noisy bloody result of your commands.

Frozen Synapse is crazy tense, it fits beautifully on to the iPad, and the cyberpunk styling is just gorgeous.