Tops 3 Audio devices for iPhones 2019
Tops 3 Audio devices

Tops 3 Audio devices for iPhones 2019

While iPhones and iPads are each solid music-making platforms, they’re somewhat lacking within the I/O department – particularly since Apple removed the earphone port on its more modern iPhones. As a result, if you wish to induce quality audio in or out of your devices, or control instruments with something other than the device’s screen, you’re going to have to be compelled to invest in some reasonably compatible hardware accessory.

Below, we’ve rounded up three of the most effective hardware peripherals that are designed to assist you to produce, record and edit music along with your iOS device. From interfaces to controllers to DJ mixers, you’ll find accessories to hide all of your music-making desires.

IK Multimedia iRig pro I/O

IK Multimedia has been one amongst the most proactive brands within the realm of iOS music peripherals, and its iRig range currently spans a large variety of interfaces and controllers to suit a large number of needs.

The iRig pro I/O is a solid ‘workhorse’ iOS accessory, providing an audio input that’s appropriate for each instrument and mics (with phantom power available) also as MIDI In and Out for sending and receiving management messages. There’s a headphones port, too, which suggests you’ll be able to monitor your input even on newer iPhones that lack their own output.

The iRig pro I/O comes with a generous bundle of desktop and iOS software system, too, as well as many effects and instruments for IK’s vary of plugins and apps.

Korg plugKEY

Korg’s compact MIDI and audio interface is an unbelievably handy device for anyone who often uses iOS synths and instruments. With a MIDI Input and stereo jack outs, it effectively turns those digital synth apps into studio-compatible instruments, providing you to simply hook them up within the same manner when you hook up other pieces of MIDI-equipped hardware.

It additionally features a separate headphones output and micro USB input, permitting users to charge their iOS device at the same time as taking an audio output – one thing that isn’t typically doable with recent headphones port-free iPhones.

If you’re searching for a simple way to expand the capabilities of your favourite instrument apps, PlugKEY is definitely worth searching for.

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iConnectivity iConnectAudio4+

Pitched as a bridge between the iOS and desktop realms, the iConnectAudio4+ allows for simultaneous connection to 2 devices, in any combination of Macintosh, pc or iOS product, with the latter supported via a Lightning connection cable.

It packs spectacular I/O capabilities, too, with four inputs, four outs, separate headphones out and MIDI In and Out. It additionally contains a neat touch-sensitive device for adjusting levels and settings.

With spectacular MIDI and audio capabilities running hand-in-hand, this is one hell of a box to underestimate at your peril. It represents maybe the most joined-up answer for bridging iOS and studio capabilities date.