Tops Apps for iOS in November

Tops Apps for iOS in November


We prefer to include a minimum of one game in our iOS app roundups, and this month’s recommendation is GrimValor, from the team that developed well-liked game Swordigo. GrimValor is an ancient hack n’ slash platformer with solid virtual controls, awesome graphics, and lots of content to get through. Like most games of this kind, the concept is to fight monsters, explore dungeons, and gather loot to progress through the story. Grimvalor prices $5.99, and there aren’t any extra in-app purchases.


Habitica is an app that uses gamification to encourage you to stick to desired habits and reach goals by letting you level up your game character by accomplishing a series of user-defined tasks. It’s primarily a bucket list that comes with a custom avatar that levels up as you end what you are performing on. You’ll be able to fight monsters, unlock armor, pets, and skills, and complete quests by meeting your goals. Habitica is free of charge to download, however, there are extra optional in-app subscriptions for unlocking skills and features.


The iTools download is the best iTunes alternative for iPhone users and on this app, you have a lot of tools to easily do things that can iTunes app can do. So basically itool download app is an easy version of the iTunes app. And on this app, you can make custom ringtone easily to your iphone, hide your GPS location, file transferring tool to transfer a file to any device without losing any image quality or data.


Sorted is a well-known task management app that is designed to allow you to schedule events, tasks, and notes into a timeline, with an inbuilt feature that makes a full daily schedule for you. Sorted has versatile controls for planning, with choices for folders, lists, and tags for organization. Sorted is free of charge, however unlocking all of its options valued at $14.99.


Sip is a news app from Product Hunt, is meant to deliver news in simply digestible format. You see one news headline at a time within the app, and you’ll be able to click on each side of the display to scroll through the details of the story. Sip sends you a notification whenever it’s a special thing that may be of interest, and there is also a repository of older news stories for you to search through.


Entale could be a distinctive podcasts app that is designed to drag you more into audio stories by adding photos, links, quotes, and a lot of to a medium that is historically restricted to the spoken word. It is a neat method to get extra reference info on the content mentioned in your favorite podcasts.