TRUE SURF iOS Tips & Tricks Guide (Video)

TRUE SURF iOS Tips & Tricks Guide (Video)

True Surf iOS Tips & Tricks

True Surf, what is known as the Most Authentic Surfing game on mobile, is certainly the best surfing sim experience you can get on-the-go right now. Most fans are calling it best surfing sim ever with its ultra-realistic game mechanics and real-world physics simulation engine.

True Surf lets you surf in 21 of the worlds greatest surfing location from Australia to Hawaii. What makes the game special is that True Surf uses real live weather forecasts provided by Surfline to emulate the current weather conditions of the given location. Meaning your experience will vary depending on where you play.

The game itself is a lot of fun, pulling off awesome surfing flips & tricks really get you going. What better way to learn to do these things than from the developers themselves?

Check out videos released by the True Surf crew taking you some kick-ass moves.


Firstly, let’s go over the surfing controls. 

The controls in True Surf are pretty simple as you can see. Its up, down, pumping through the barrel and sliding diagonally to do laybacks. The controls will take a bit of getting used to, but everything is pretty clear-cut.


This next video is on how to Get Some Air.

This is not an easy move to pull off. We tried it many times before eventually getting it right. It is about waiting until you reach the correct speed. Wait until you get close to the 50mph mark and then attempt the jump.


This next video is on how to do the Drop-In.

This is probably the first thing you need to know how to do in True Surf. Selecting where to drop in is harder in some locations than others. Just look around to see where the wave is picking up then do the drop in.


Download True Surf for your iOS below:

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