Let’s Go Surfing with TRUE SURF for iOS and Android

Let’s Go Surfing with TRUE SURF for iOS and Android

True Surf for iOS and Android. 

True Axis has a history of super fun games for both iOS and Android. Jet Car Stunts and Skate are two of the games that put True Axis on the map.

This time True Axis is taking all of us to the beach to hit some killer waves with what is being called the ‘most authentic surfing game’ True Surf. This ultra real surfing game for mobile is available now on iOS with the Android version soon to follow.

Some are already calling it the best surfing game on mobile.

Check out the trailer for True Surf below:

True Axis didn’t hold back with this one, partnering with the World Surf League and Surfline for a worldwide release of True Surf.

What’s so special about this game is that True Surf uses a real-world physics simulation engine coupled with the weather forecasts from Surfline to create a realistic experience that has never been seen before.

You can experience waves from places like South Africa, Australia, Hawaii and more.

True Surf is now the official game for the World Surf League and is available on the App Store for free. There is no news yet on when the Android release will see the light of day but as soon as there is any buzz, we will put out an update.

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Happy Surfing!