Valkyrie Profile Lenneth iOS and Android Review, Taking you back to the Glorious days of JRPGs

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth iOS and Android Review, Taking you back to the Glorious days of JRPGs

Square Enix has been going back to their classic games in the recent past to look for inspiration for their mobile releases.

Games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy were brilliant little additions to their mobile game catalog.

Now we have Valkyrie Profile Lenneth for iOS and Android, another excellent classic game that has sort of a cult following.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth was first introduced on the PlayStation and then later on the PSP. I don’t believe this game is readily available anymore though.

The mobile version of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is its first digital release, and we are very excited about it.

The PSP version

Is it no surprise that the mobile version of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth will be based on the PSP release, with the same title.

The PSP version of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth was not all that it could be and many felt that it was lacking in certain areas.

The loading time was a big issue with the PSP, however, that is certainly not a problem with the mobile version.

The graphics have been updated as the visuals are crisper and a lot more detailed.

The biggest improvement we believe is the ability to save anywhere, and that should be a must-have feature for all handheld RPG’s in my opinion.

Along with the hefty price tag, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth still contains IAP’s, which is a bit questionable.

I mean come on Square Enix.

Talking more about the IAP’s, these are mostly different types of cheats which are no doubt useful but not absolutely necessary.

The Controls

This I believe was expected.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth has a lot of platforming in it which does not help with the touch controls all that much.

Not to say that Square Enix did a bad job with it, but no matter what they do with it, I believe the touch controls will always be a problem with Valkyrie Profile Lenneth.

The controls do work well for the most part, but when it comes to making a precise jump, oh boy….

In saying that, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth does support MFi controllers. So if you have one, you will not have any issues with the game.

First of all, Square Enix did well buy making sure the Valkyrie Profile Lenneth supported MFi controllers. Because it really is not easy and you will also need a lot of patience to get through the game.

Square Enix’s obsession with the floating virtual sticks is also not helping the cause.

Still good

Even with the issues with the controls, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is still one of Square Enix’s best ports. The game has been seamlessly transferred over to the mobile platform.

They have not compromised on the content one bit, there is no crazy distortion of the pictures and everything else in between seems to work really well.

This is no small feat, but Square Enix has shown that they are the masters at this, and they have proved it again with Valkyrie Profile Lenneth.

Again, if you have an MFi controller, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is quite an enjoyable title.

On to the Game

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth was released when the PlayStation was at the height of its popularity, and it was in those days where Japanese RPG’s were really taking off.

It was probably the golden age for Japanese RPG’s.

The Japanese always had the most ‘out-there’ ideas for their RPG’s which made for some fantastic games. With the popularity of JRPG’s growing every day, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth fit right into the mix.

The story of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is as follows;

You play the character of Valkyrie Lenneth, and you have the responsibility to prepare everyone for Ragnarok.

In order to this, you will have to gather powerful souls and send them to Valhalla for the ultimate final battle.

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth has multiple endings and what ending you come across will depend on how well you play the game.

When Valkyrie Profile Lenneth first came out, the battle system was so unusual that it would have been very difficult to explain it.

However, since then we have had games like Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius and Brave Frontier, so if you have played any of these games, you know what to expect with Valkyrie Profile Lenneth.

The Control Scheme

To attack you would tap on the appropriate button, however, each character will have different speeds.

The purpose of this is to time things perfectly, and if done so, your team members will join attacks into a fantastic combo.

A battle is pretty basic in the sense you finish off a fight with some glorious attack and then you collect the loot.

You also have the option to use magic instead of attacking.

The best part is that if you feel like the battles are getting a little boring, you can speed things up by turning on ‘auto-battle’.

This does not mean that battling on Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is bad, but still, it’s nice to have that option.

More on the strange battling structure

The dungeons and towns in Valkyrie Profile Lenneth are seen from a side-scrolling perspective. Environments in the game are usually made up of different planes.

To travel, you need press on certain spots.

Since Valkyrie loves to jump, a lot, there are many vertical elements in the game.

When it comes to battles, Valkyrie can use the swing of her massive sword, or she can even shoot ice crystals at enemies.

The ice crystals have a dual purpose in the game as you use them to create stepping stones to get through obstacles.

You need move quickly though since you’re stepping on ice!

Exploring the game

The game has a lot of exploring to do.

You would travel from town to town, check out cool dungeons and of course meet new people and train them for the final battle.

There is a bit of crafting weapons as well and reading magic books. You know, the usual everyday stuff.

You need to choose who you are going to send to Valhalla which is the main objective of the game.

You will also be called into Asgard now and then where you will receive rewards for what you have been doing.

There are about 30 hours of Gameplay before you reach the final battle.


Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is full of options.

For instance, you will have about 20 characters to choose from to send to Odin. And the story changes based on who you have sent.

That is super cool.

This fact actually give you great replay value as you can keep sending different characters and see how the story pan outs.

The story in Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is beautifully crafted.

What makes the story so good are its characters, starting with the main one.

Valkyrie has a beautiful narrative that carries the entire game. Her interactions with other characters in the game and how her story intertwines with the stories of the characters is what makes Valkyrie Profile Lenneth so impressive.

If you are completely new to Valkyrie Profile Lenneth and you have never played it before, expect to have plenty of twists and turns in the story.

There are plenty of tragedies as well, which are in a way quite magnificent.

Final Thoughts

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth really is one of a kind. There was nothing like it then, there is nothing like it now.

In that sense, it is obvious why Square Enix brought it back.

The game has a little bit of everything, from very unique RPG battles to platforming to resource management.

The artworks and the soundtrack are just out of this world, and the story is just stellar!

It demands a little too much from the player early on which could be a turn-off, but if you hang around, you are in for a treat.

Controls are a little hard if you don’t have an MFi controller, but Valkyrie Profile Lenneth is still pure gold.

Download Valkyrie Profile Lenneth below: