What Happened to Apple AirPower?

What Happened to Apple AirPower?

Many are wondering what will happen to the AirPower wireless charging pad from Apple. It was expected to be officially launched at Apple’s iPhone event last week, but that clearly did not happen. In fact, words of the AirPower accessory were removed from Apple’s official website and was followed by reports claiming that the device was “doomed” as it was plagued by all kinds of technical problems.

However, it seems that Apple hasn’t given up yet,  according to a tweet from Gavin Stephens who discovered that there were references made to the AirPower in the packaging of the iPhone Xs. Now some might think of that as an oversight by Apple, and that the packaging might have already been made early on when Apple was still planning on releasing the AirPower.

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That is a possibility, but it has also been discovered that there are references made to AirPower on iOS 12.1 beta, suggesting that Apple is still attempting to make it work. And there is some reference in Apple iOS 12.1 doesn’t confirm that the device will be launched anytime soon, but at least Apple hasn’t given up yet.

Some of the problems we’ve heard plaguing the device include how it overheats. There are also reports and rumors stated that the AirPower is designed to charge 2 or more Apple devices at once, that it can lead to some issues between them, but with all of the problems that Apple airpower is getting, Apple still trying to solve. Exactly when we will see the AirPower launched is anyone’s guess, but until then there is a bunch of different wireless charging pads out there that you can use as an alternative.