Where Shadows Slumber review for iOS.

Light isn’t always something you think about in video games. Yet, it is one of the core ways a developer can train your eye.

Light shows us where to go, it highlights important objects and it can create an atmosphere in simple and striking ways.

So it is really cool to see light taking center stage in Where Shadows Slumber by Game Revenent.

It is a game that used light as its central mechanic, making you figuratively and literally look at its digital world in new ways.


Where Shadows Slumber

After a brief introduction, the game gives you a special lantern, then tasks you with a series of obstacles to get through.

The light from the lantern changes these objects in different ways and you need to work out how to create bridges where there are none.

Things are a bit trial-and-error to begin with but you soon get to grips with what Where Shadows Slumber is asking of you.

The light from the lantern moves as you move and interacts with objects like pillars to cast shadows. So figuring out where to stand to change the world is a part of the challenge.


But that is not all, Where Shadows Slumber is not afraid to add new things to the mix in regular intervals. There are switches you need to push, other characters you need to avoid, and objects you need to move multiple times to get the shadows just right.

The controls are dead simple, you tap to move, and push and swipe on the screen to play about with the pieces of scenery which you can manipulate.

There are plenty of ‘fake eureka’ moments in Where Shadows Slumber, where you think you have solved a puzzle only to realize you need to take another step to finish it.

All the levels take no more than 5 minutes to complete, which means you can finish a couple of them in no time at all.

You will always feel like you are moving in the right direction and you want to see what Where Shadows Slumber is going to throw at you next.

But the puzzles build on each other as well, so things you learned earlier in the game comes into play later, and then twists around which makes you rethink the way you originally used them.

Where Shadows Slumber is a really smart game for the most part although there are a few frustrating sections that are going to take you a little bit too long to figure out what you are doing.

Also, we were not blown away with the character designs, though they are simple and clean which makes it easy to read the landscape. Which I believe is the whole point actually, which makes my point invalid.

Where Shadows Slumber is also surprisingly bleak in places which we loved : )


Final Thoughts

There is a lot going on in Where Shadows Slumber, from the dark story to the intelligent puzzling. It has got a few issues but you will easily breeze past them and forget they ever happened.

It fits into the same genre as Monument Valley but runs off in its own direction. The game mixes light and dark in some incredibly engaging ways.

For those reasons, Mobile Game Hunter approves this game (Y)


Download Where Shadows Slumber for iOS below: