Wild Arms Million Memories Coming to iOS and Andriod This Year

Wild Arms Million Memories Coming to iOS and Andriod This Year

Wild Arms titled Wild Arms Million Memories will be launched this year on iOS and Andriod devices. The Game is developed by Wright Flyer Studios and published by ForwardWorks.

It was not long ago when Sony Entertainment s Japan made an announcement about getting into mobile gaming. This news as you would expect got a lot of people excited.

In order to do this, Sony established another company solely focused on the mobile platform called ForwardWorks. When this news was released, most of the gaming community knew  Wild Arms will very much be a part of the plans for Sony.

Wild Arms was originally launched on the PS1 in 1996, and I have to say it is one of my favorite childhood games.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, Wild Arms is a fantasy game in a Western setting. The game features really good strategy elements and incredible music.

Below is the trailer for the original Wild Arms.

The mobile game will have a new name and a new story.

According to our news sources, Akifumi Kaneko who is the original supervisor of the series will be overseeing the development of the mobile game Million Memories. That is good news indeed.

The characters from the original series will also make a return.

ForwardWorks released a small clip (audio) of a song titled Million Memories to coincide with the release announcement, and the full-length track will be released next month.

We still do not know if the game will be released outside Japan, but at least now we know that Wild Arms Million Memories is in fact happening.

Therefore, we will keep an eye out for any news coming our way, and keep you guys informed as always.  You can visit the official website for further news.

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