YAKUZA Online Launches This Year For iOS & Android

YAKUZA Online Launches This Year For iOS & Android

Yakuza Online for iOS and Android

The Yakuza franchise by SEGA hasn’t had the best of histories to speak of outside of Asia. The PS2 and PS3 version didn’t do so well, however, the franchise gained some respect back with its PS4 version Yakuza 0 released last year.

SEGA has been localizing most of their games lately, for example, Shinning Resonance Refrain and of course the Yakuza games, bringing western markets up to speed with Japanese games.

SEGA announce Yakuza Online last year at TGS and created quite a buzz without even having a video to show for it.


From what we know, Yakuza online will feature some Gacha elements and if you want to get a good look at the main protagonist and the future face of the Yakuza franchise, head over to the official pre-registration website.

As the infamous Kazuma Kiryu’s story ended in Yakuza 6, it looks like Yakuza online will feature some fan-favorite characters from the franchise and of course the main new guy.

SEGA has not said anything yet about releasing an English version of Yakuza online, however given how SEGA has been focusing on localizing their games like DX2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation, and also given how popular the Yakuza brand name is, we are certain that we will see Yakuza online for America and Europe on the App Store and Play Store soon.

If you don’t mind the Japanese version of Yakuza online, you can pre-register HERE.

Yakuza online JAPAN is set to release sometime this year for iOS and Android, and we will be playing close attention to any localization news.